Cubase 6 Issue, with new project

Dear friends,

I’ve been using cubase for a long time. Having some troubles today. I’ve upgraded Mac OSX from Leopard to Lion 10.7 installed cubase 6 everything is cool. After i started “create new project” Found place where i want it to be placed and then second box with exactly folder and after pressing ok, there is a box that says that cubase couldn’t creat project folder. Project is created but there is no folder created fo files. Why it’s hapining? Everytime i start new project cubase gives this box and doesn’t creates project folder…???

Is it possible that Cubase does not have “permission” to create the folder on the system. I don’t know Mac very well but maybe there is something that you can set to give Cubase the permissions.

I noticed one thing, i have 3 hard drives. One have been changed to SSD hard drive also to this one we installed Lion 10.7 Mac OSX. So i found out that cubase makes project directory in to this hard drive but it can’t make to to others. Any thoughts?