Cubase 6 Key Commands from Mac to Windows 7?

How do I move my key commands from Mac to Windows 7? I have saves a preset in Cubase 6 and it is located in the Preferences > Cubase 6 > Presets > KeyCommands folder. If I copy that document (presets.xml) and try to import it into the Key Command dialog in Cubase 6 on Windows 7, it can’t see the document and asks for a (.key) document. If I switch to “Show any” type and select the preset.xml the dialog states that “This is not a key command document”.

All help is welcome.


I don’t know, but it looks like that is broken. Have you tried simply placing the desired key command file where it should go in Windows, and loading it as a preset in the key commands dialog in Cubase Windows?

the file path from the manual:

“\Users<user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg<program name>\”.

I’m curious to know if it’s xml files on the Windows side, seems like it would be.

Thank you. I have been looking for this but have not found the location for the file.

I have no AppData in the location you gave me.

Got it! Thank you. Yes, I placed the xml file in the KeyCommand folder and it shows up in Cubase 6 now.

Yes, it’s xml files on the Windows side.

Glad to be of help.