Cubase 6 - Lanes, Sample editor, Windows 10

Hello all,

I must be one of the oldest Cubase users here as I started in the last century with Pro 24.

I had Cubase 4 (yes) from 2007 to now and used it extensively. It was perfect for my needs and I didn’t buy any of the upgrades as what they proposed was useless for me.

However my old XP computer is now dead and I had to buy a new machine with Windows 10. I also upgraded to 9.5 but I am extremely dissapointed with the interface.

I need a Cubase version that does handle lanes with just a mute function to select which part or sub-part is played (and not the addition of the pointed finger which only slows the process).

I need a Cubase version that implements right-click (especially in the sample editor , I don’t want to re-left-click on another menu if I can have everything under a pop-up right click). Right-click on the main page is also quite handy but I can live without it.

And finally it must run on windows 10.

I don’t need composition, arrangement, ryhthm-aid tools.

From what I could see within the tutorials it seems that Cubase 6 might be the good choice (Cubase 7 has this very unhanduy lane management that continues with 9).

Any advice ? Help ?

I honestly can’t remember what Cubase 6 was like in this respect but your 9.5 license would allow you to use it if you can find a download.

This appears to be a trial version of Cubase 6 which again should function as the full version for you as you have a higher license.