Cubase 6 License Issue with Dealer

Please i need your help. I just purchased a license (dongle) for Cubase 6. when i got home and tried to install it i realized that the license is educational. I called the dealer but he said that it’s fine and that all he had. He didn’t even know about what a full license is. He almost shouted at me. I paid the full price for a full license and he gave me an educational one. Please let me know what to do. Thank you.

Was this a new, in the box item, or did you buy a USB key with a license already on it? I ask because Cubase 6 was discontinued years ago, and they are on Cubase 9 now.

If the license was not activated yet, when you activate it using the elicenser control center it should turn into a Cubase 9 educational license automatically, which would mitigate the situation somewhat.