Cubase 6 Mac lots of crashes using Midi

Im finding Im getting a lot of crashes with Cubase 6 when using Midi and vstis.Ive tried narrowing it down but to
no avail anyone else on the Mac having crashes when using the Midi.

Okay I think the Yamha HW Midi driver installed with the Steinberg MR816 tools is the culprit
Fingers crossed

I was running a large session using Halion Sonic SE - with several Halion Symphonic Orchestra (Trial) Instrument combi.

I had crash after crash - even after restarting the computer. It always happened after I loaded a new instrument.The new instrument seemed to load OK, but when I clicked the red circle to close the Halion Sonic SE window, Cubase 6 just quit.
I eventually found that if I loaded a new instrument - saved the project - then clicked the red circle to close the HS SE window, there was no crash.

The Console log showed:
Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000008

I’ll post the full log if needed.

I tried a similar project today - not one crash. I think my problem project was near the memory limit.

This post is not meant to be critical of Cubase 6. I think it’s an excellent update. I’ve opened and edited several Cubase 4 projects, and experimented with the new features in Cubase 6 - not a single crash.


RdRm-were you able to track this down as being the problem?

Also, have you installed Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver 1.7.0 and if so, any problems with C6?

5.5 is incredibly stable for me and don’t want to install 6 if either of these are an issue.

Thanks in advance for any info

Well I have the MR816X so I deleted the Midi Driver installed by the MR Tools and also I deleted the Novation AutoMap Cubase component and the crashes have gone and everything is rocking.Im outting my money on the MR tools Firewire Midi driver as one of the crash logs said it was the cause of the crash.

About the 1.70 driver the performance is much worse than 1.60 and Steinberg is looking into it so stick with the 1.60 driver and all will be fine.

Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it