Cubase 6 & Mac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan Compatibility

Hi all,

Just purchased a new iMac after a 6 year hiatus from making music. I upgraded to Cubase 6 about 3 years ago when I was on my old Macbook Pro and after buying the new iMac I tried installing C6 but was given an error message of:

“Wrong Mac OS X Version - You need at least Mac OS X 10.5.0 to install this software”

I looked online for this problem and apparently there is a software bug which makes Mac to think that 10.10 is lower than 10.5.0.

After looking at Sternberg’s website, it doesn’t show C6 in the chart which shows El Capitan compatibility.

In short, and excuse my lack of education as I am very behind in my technology now, is the installation error I am receiving a result of a bug in the installation software? Or is C6 not even compatible with El Capitan and I therefore must upgrade to C8?

Many thanks for your help.


Hey Phil. I have the exact same problem. After working for years with Cubase 6 on a Window pc I´ve changed to a wondeful Imac with an updated version of OS X 10.11.3 EL Capitan. I have installed my Elicenser Key well and when installing Cubase 6 from the cd. I get the same message "Wrong Mac OS X version… etc.
Did You got any respons from Steinberg or from anyone else?
Please respons.
Kind regards

Hi Guys,

You can install Cubase 6 on El Capitan by using the Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11

But please note, Cubase 6 is not officially supported by Mac OS X 10.11


Hey Jochen - and others.
I`ve installed Cubase 6 as regarded. And the program is now running on my Imac OSX EL Capitan v.10.11.3. I use a Apogee Duet interface. My problem is now, that i only hear a fuzzy high gained sound from my Roland A88. And ex. the mic.s doesn´t respond at all. I know I have to check out the Device Setup menu. I´ve chosen the Duet as the device for midi in and out and audio as well, but nothing seems to be functioning anyway. Do have any idea of what seems to be the problem. I know I don´t need to use ex. an Asio driver but perhaps another or…? Kind regards Flemming/ Mummy Sound

Hello everybody ! I have the same problem but once I’ve finished the download there is an Error " The installer has encountered an error that caused the installation to fail . Contact the software manufacturer for assistance ."

Could you help me, thank you in advance

I have the same problem as MummySound. Istallation is done but i have the same fuzzy high gained sound on the click and every VST. Anyone can help ?

I’m having the exact same problem! Please help! I’ve tried everything to make my Zoon H4n work with Cubase 6. I thought I was making something wrong until I read that there is more people with the same problem.

STEINBERG Community please HELP!

Many thanks in advance!! :slight_smile: