Cubase 6 Mac Shortcuts

I am attempting to zoom out while working with Varaudio, but hitting the “G” key doesn’t do this as the submenu says it should. Steinberg has apparently neglected to change most commands from control + button to command + button, so I wouldn’t be surprised if perhaps the listed shortcut isn’t correct? What dos a capital G mean in this case?

The manual isn’t helping.

I’m looking forward to responses. Hopefully I can figure this out quickly.



G zooms out here as expected.

Do I just hit the g key? or is it shift + G ?


G shortcut works fine in my Cubase 6.5 on my Mac OS X 10.7, as default. Just check you Key commands (File > Key Commands). Type the Zoom in to the search field, and find your funnction. You can find, what shortcut is set, and change it.



I didn’t know that the virtual keyboard disabled certain keyboard commands. Whoops.

Oh, yes, it disable. :cry: