Cubase 6 Mastering Tutorials?

Hey there, could anyone link me to some good mastering tutorials/explanations for Cubase 5 or 6 please? On this site or whatever you have came across that you think is good would be much appreciated. I’ve tried to watch some on Youtube but they’ve just been garbage the ones I’ve seen so far, or use other plugins that have 0 relevance if you don’t have them.

have you seen Pensados Place on youtube the channel thisweekin its realy good…Not cubase its pro toools only but still a great way to find tips and tricks how the pro’s go about all things audio based.

This perticular episode is more mastering based

in other episodes they speak with

Jimmy Douglass
Ron Fair
Michael Brauer
Mike Dean
Andrew Wuepper
Alex Da Kid

and lots lots more


Thankyou for the replies, I’ll check those out.

I have Cubase LE 5-6… I am doing mastering and I try exporting and my file just wont open. I think im missing something, someone please help me!