Cubase 6 mixdown problem

Hi all,

Currently i’m using Cubase 6 and i’m having very strange mixdown results.

When i mixdown my (24bit, 44.1khz) project, the stereo output file sounds absolutely different than the mix i’m listening inside my project. It’s like the whole output file is out-of-phase. I’ve never experienced this kind of behaviour before.
It sounds totally whack.

It is the first time that i use mixdown in Cubase 6 and the project is also made in Cubase 6.

Mixdowns made in the past with Cubase 5 didn’t have any problem, everything was fine.
Projects made in Cubase 5 which i try to mixdown using Cubase 6 sound also out of phase.

I’ve tried to update Cubase 6 to v6.02, i’ve tried different formats: wav/mp3, other resolutions (16bit, 48khz), real-time mixdown, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Does anybody have a solution ?


Can you post a short section of audio and maybe also a snapshot of your mixdown dialog box? What happens if you mixdown with all inserts and send disabled? What are you listening back on when it sounds funny? Cubase? Another player?

Hello Crotchety,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried to play the mixdowns on several apps like Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, VLC, Wavelab, Har-Bal…all the same out-of-phase sound.

Today, for a totally different reason i had to re-install Wavelab 6. Guess what happened after the re-install…every mixdown now sounds normal on every player. I don’t know what DLL was fooling me (or whatever the glitch was).
So, there’s nothing wrong with Cubase 6 :laughing:

Thanks for your help anyway.

Santé !

Must have been the Ghost in the Machine. Spooky! Cheers.

At least it didn’t involve printer ports or window updates… :laughing: