Cubase 6 more CPU hungry than Cubase 5


Thanks for a great upgrade.

I just performed a CPU test, opening the default preset in both 5 and 6 and simply loading and playing back the same audio file and it looks like the 6 is more CPU hungry than the 5, according to the CPU meter (f12). For this test I set the buffer to the lowest my card would allow (64).

Can somebody confirm that that’s the case?

Is that normal for the 6 to be a little more CPU hungry than the 5?

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Hi xactsound

if your playing audio file thats on your HD, unless you have any VSTs that have not been recorded your cpu should be quite happy on cubase 6 and 5

Aloha sasha,

I have not done any tests but for me have I definitely noticed cpu jumps going from:
SX3—>C4—>C5 but not C5—>C6 which surprised me.

Perhaps I am wrong on this but if there is a cpu usage jump using C6,
I have yet to see it when loading/using songs done is C5.


I can confirm this too but I wouldn’t worry too much about it

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, I can now confirm that the C6 is slightly heavier on the CPU than C5. But nothing to worry about unless you have a weak machine or running a really heavy project.

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They did ad a new, better realtime stretching algorithm. Might this be why?

In some occasions I felt Cubase 6 even lighter than Cubase 5. But this changes, when I use HalionSonic SE. And I am talking about a Pentium 4 with Windows XP, way below the recommended minimum…