I tried to purchase cubase 6 mp3 upgrade today and basically have been scammed by steinberg.
I paid and then got a weird message saying ‘your order is being added into the system’
yet im still yet to recieve no activation code for the product which means encoding my mp3s is impossible!
:slight_smile: My Paypl transaction ID says complete no problems…
1 Mar 2012 17:10:27 GMT
Transaction ID: 6J667145BB378640U

Cubase 6? are you sure you mean Cubase 6?

Isn’t MP3 encoding included in Cubase 6 (not Artist or below).

Anyway, this doesn’t belong here.
Contact asknet’s user support. They run the store, not Steinberg. (sub-contractor)

edit: Just checked
“The MP3 Update Patch for Cubase Artist 6, Cubase Elements 6, Cubase Studio 5, Cubase Studio 4, Cubase Essential 5, Cubase Essential 4, Cubase AI/LE 5, Cubase AI/LE 4, Sequel 3, Sequel 2, Sequel LE and WaveLab Elements 7 utilizes the Fraunhofer MP3 codec for highest audio quality.”

  • From the Steinberg store

So it’s for everything EXCEPT the top tier of Cubase and Wavelab.

2nd Edit: Just checked. It’s a DOWNLOAD product. Look in your e-mail.

Hi I’ll contact asknet then…also checked email…recieved nothing! it was for cubase 6 element :slight_smile: sorry

Remember too:

Cubase 6.5 just came out yesterday, so their systems could be busy.

The only experience with the store I’ve had so far has been purchasing an activation code.