cubase 6; new project browser problem

hi all . today, trying to start a new project in cubase 6.06 64 bit. win7 64 bit. when i get to the project assistant and pick a templete, i normally chose location from my hard drives then create a new folder. but cubase is only giving me the desktop/eddie as an option. none of my hard drives are visible. i had to make a folder on the desktop to put the song into. this happned about 3 weeks ago too. in that case i trashed preferences and (after a lot of hassle rescanning vst plugins, resetting prefs) it worked. but now the problem is back. i’ll trash preferences again if i have to, but i’d like to know if anyone else had had this problem and found a different solution?
i tried unplugging/replugging my external usb hard drives but no change…


When I have to trash the preferences, I’m not trashing it. I just rename the folder. For example with adding the date. So I have Cubase 6_2012_04_22 for example. Than, I can copy my settings of this “old” version of Cubase to the new one. So I copy data from Cubase 6_2012_04_22 to the Cubase 6 folder. Of course, just any data. For example shortcuts, templates, etc.

So if the Trashing preferences doesn’t help, I can go back to the “old” version. If it helps, I have my “old” Cubase back very fast.

thanks martin. will do that if it’s needed. ed

nobody else have/had this problem?

Nope. Curious. I have nothing to add really, but I thought I might bump it for you. Oh dear, those freaking preferences AGAIN!! Somebody call the suicide doctor! :stuck_out_tongue:

this never happened pre 6.0.5… will try again from a cold start will all my external drives unplugged first. thanks all. ed

I am running 6.5 32bit on an iMac, yesterday I went to open a near finished project and instead of the recent project starter screen box the screen was blank, so I shutdown 6.5 and restarted it, this time I did get the recent projects box but this time it was empty. I opened the required project from its file location only to find the screen preferences completely missing, I reloaded them from the preference menu. I then ran the project only to be shocked when the project hit the buffers of computer overload stuttering every few seconds.
I thought the device setting may have also been affected but they were as they should be. This is a project that had been run everyday without issues. I disengaged all plugins and as expected the CPU meter dropped but only to about halfway rather than about 1/4 to 1/3 which is around normal for me. This has happened once before in version 6.0, it seemed to be specific to one project I rebuilt the project (seriously tedious) and it appeared to run normal since then. I am sure I trashed preferences then and will try again but what causes this is still a mystery when it had run perfectly well on previous occasions.
Another annoying problem is that in 6.5 it is very difficult, to use consistently, the move of events etc to another location after setting up the required preferences on the info line, set at “Bar” and with the various quantise values the event is not locking to curser/adjacent event etc, also with cut/paste actions it jumps to pre-locations instead of where it is expected to to be placed this is very frustrating it becomes necessary to zoom in way to much, this has never happened before. question has this part of 6.5 been tampered with or should I say “improved” or am I in isolation with this and the other issues.
I have used Cubase since it’s conception (Atari) and never missed an upgrade, so I believe I am aware of how things should work.
I am now starting to doubt my skills and knowledge.