Cubase 6 not working after update to 11

I recently updated from Cubase 6 to 11 to be able to work on current projects for our recording studio. I updated my E-Licenser and installed C11 on my laptop which is working fine. The problem is, I also have an older Windows 7 machine where I’m still using C6 but when I’m starting it now I get the following message:
“You have not activated your Cubase license permanently. You may use it for another 1 day 1h. Please activate the permanent license in the ‘eLicenser Control Center’.”
How can I get it to work again? I was expecting older versions to run fine after updating. I also have to add that I don’t have internet connection on my old PC.

When you upgraded from Cubase 6 to 11 your old Cubase 6 license was used to create the new Cubase 11 license - so the old Cubase 6 license no longer works. However your new Cubase 11 license will allow you to run older versions including 6. But you only have 1 license total and it can only be used on 1 computer at a time. Reading between the lines it sounds like you are using a soft eLicenser. That will bind your license to whatever computer it is installed on. To run Cubase on multiple computers you should move your license onto a dongle. Then plug that into whatever computer you want to use at the time.


To be able to start Cubase 6 on your older Windows 7 machine, you have to plug the USB-eLicenser with Cubase 11 license in.

Make sure, you Update eLicenser License Database on the older Windows 7 machine in the eLCC application (Support menu), to make sure the old eLCC application recognise Cubase 11 license as a valid one.

Thanks for the replies!
It obviously wasn’t clear from my first post, but of course I’m plugging in the updated hardware eLicenser dongle in the old machine.
As mentioned, I don’t have internet connection on the Win7 PC, so how can I update the License Database?


As mentioned, in the eLCC application > Support > Update eLicenser License Database.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work without internet connection…


You are right.

I also tried that, but it says that there’s no compatible NET framework found.
I’ll try to update the NET framework later and try again.

Oh my, it’s true what they say about never changing a running system…

You also can only update the database:

…as mentioned in my very first post. :wink:

Thank you very much for the link! It’s working now! :smiley: