Cubase 6 not working properly

I’ve been using Cubase Artist 6 with Windows 10 for many years. Suddenly it has stopped functioning correctly. I press record and nothing happens. I press insert and the effects column doesn’t appear. There’s latency, the recording is weak and playback has a scratchy sound. I’ve added RAM to my computer, a Dell Optiplex 3010, and re-installed Cubase but it is effectively unusable. Can anyone suggest how to proceed? Thanks.

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Have you tried removing the Preferences folders for Cubase? It could be that your preferences got corrupted. If you remove (or just rename) the folders, next time you launch Cubase, it will create new, fresh preferences.

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Has there been a recent Windows 10 update that you went through with? That would be the first thing I would think of if it has worked well for years. Clearing the Preferences folder is also a good option as noted above.