Cubase 6 On MacBook Air

Thinking about getting a MacBook Air. The 13" model obviously. Will Cubase 6 run decently on it - i.e. a few tracks of audio, a few tracks of MIDI VSTis, etc.?

This would not be my main Cubase production rig - that - due to the program itself - that must be a desktop. This would just be a small, portable rig to bring my Cubase projects to rehearsals, etc. and be able to locate, possibly record a track here or there, that kind of stuff.

It’s kind of expensive but I have $180 credit at the Apple Store. If not the MacBook Air, then probably an iMac. iPad - waiting for v2. MacBookPro - too big, too expensive, too heavy, too hot.

I am sure you’l be fine. I currently run Cubase on a Macbook pro 13", but before I had it I did location tracking an MSI Wind netbook, a $300 1.6ghz atom processor on Windows, going through an digidesign mbox2 Well below the minimum spec for Cubase, I think. Things were fine. I used it for tracking mainly and only ran reverb and EQs, and I had low expectations. There was hardly a hiccup.

I asked this question back in the old forum and here is Georg Bruns answer:

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Regarding the performance: Well, you can’t demand miracles of an Intel Core 2 Duo with a modest clock speed. But according to many benchmarks the new MacBook Air performs pretty well and comes close to the smallest MacBook Pro (which has a faster Core 2 Duo).
Intel Core 2 Duos ain’t the latest thing but they are still very efficient CPUs and sufficient for many Cubase users. A MacBook Air certainly can “handle C5”. And it provides enough horse power for a lot of VST Instruments and effects. The question is, what is your current system and how does it perform when you run real life (or stage) projects with your NI Plugs and Sample Tanks on it?


Oh man I was hoping to get a thumbs down. This is good news except for my credit card.