Cubase 6 on WinXP?

Can I upgrade my Cubase 4.5.2 (full version) which is currently running on Windows XP SP3 to Cubase 6?
I’ve been told Cubase 6 will not run on XP?

It is not supported and has not been tested on WinXP, but that doesn’t mean it won’t run. It basically means, no guarantees, and at your own risk. If you upgrade your license, you’ll still be able to launch Cubase 4 with the same dongle. The Cubase 6 license will launch any previous version of Cubase, along with Cubase 6.

Yes. it works very well under XP!
One has tested this out, his summary:

My conclusion so far: Great! Cubase 6 is easy to install, runs under Windows XP, new sounds and a very useful guitar and bass amp and includes a slightly revised user interface contributes to the product update.

Steinberg shows once again more as he took it when it comes to computer-based music production is the collaboration with Yamaha will fruit here once again and makes sure that a great and innovative quality product “Made in Germany” is created, thumbs up Steinberg!!!"

Thanks for the replies.
I went ahead and ordered the Cubase 6 update for my Cubase 4.5.2 currently running on XP 32bit.
I am a total Steinberg fan and love and have used their software since Cubasis VST as well as later incarnations like SX.
To me this software has always been the leader in world class computer recording software.
I’m pretty excited about this new version, and would hate to think it won’t work updating my current system and Cubase 4!
I did read in the Knowledge base that stated Cubase 6 contains the “32bit binary” which I understand is what XP would require for the software to load and run properly…is that a correct understanding?
Also the update path listed Cubase 4 as an update path to Cubase 6 and Cubase 4 was only a 32bit binary application to begin with and was designed to run on XP as was Cubase 5?
It would also seem unusual for Steinberg to offer that upgrade path and not state that it wouldn’t specifically run on XP?!
If it won’t work at all on XP then I would think that should be stated clearly in the update description.
I can completely understand that Cubase 6 has been designed to fully utilize Win7 in a 64bit mode and that it’s power and features would be optimized for that.
Is there any information available indicating some features within Cubase 6 will not work properly?
I’m not opposed to upgrading my system to Win7 64bit if that will overwhelmingly increase the entire experience with Cubase and in the near future I will likely go that direction it’s just right now I have a very stable recording system that will take me some thought and time to get around to…so right now I’m really looking for more some confidence that I can installed this disk and have the use of my purchase. Being able to still use my Cubase 4 is great in case something goes wrong.
One question I have that maybe I can get an answer on…When I go to Win7 64bit would I be able to move only the Cubase 6 and license over to the new computer or will I have to install Cubase 4/license first and then run the Cubase 6 update?
Sorry for the long post and thanks for the help!

You won’t have to install Cubase 4 first. What you get when you buy the upgrade, is you get the full version of Cubase 6, with a license key that upgrades the existing key on your dongle to Cubase 6. The software on the disc is the full version software and does a complete new full version install.

I think most people wanting to run C6 on XP are waiting for either a demo version to test this to become available, or for other “early adopters” to post thier results.

Please would the “early adopters” let us know how your C6 runs on XP?

Saw this on gearslutz, mind you some minds at easy :slight_smile:

Looking good so far :smiley:

I agree, looking fine so far.
It seems because Microsoft no longer supports XP, other companies state the same for their applications.
One of those kind of things between corporations…keeps all us little consumer’s herded into upgrades!
As soon as my copy arrives I will report back on both forums!
Thanks for the feedback…
Any other experiences or comments on using C6 would be greatly appreciated…

Is this true :question:


Any license you have will run any lesser version, including past versions.

This was included in order to obtain greater file compatibility between versions.

Finally got my C6 upgrade and it runs just fine on my WinXP 32bit.
One thing that did happen was it seems to use up more memory now than C4 ever did.
I have 4G of RAM and I loaded a bunch of VST’s and then did a tempo detection/analysis on a large track and it crashed…nothing was lost except Cubase just closed…bam!..I noticed my memory monitor went from 65% free to 25% and at that point it just crapped out!
I was able to re-launch it and back into my project from where I had started, so only lost the last edits after the last save.
So there may be limitations on how far you can go with using C6 and processing in XP.
I’m sure some of these new more complex processing features in C6 will hit that 4G RAM limit quickly like a brick wall, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there could be certain issues using XP that you would never see in a Win7 machine with sufficient RAM.
I’m planning on upgrading my computer anyway in the the near future to a bigger better box with Win7 and get 12-16G of RAM with it.
Even with the limitation and having to be careful what I do and save more often, it’s still faster than C4 at 32bit and seems to even sound better to me! (at least that’s what I hear and “feel”).

Like others running fine on XP 32bit for me.

Have been running for a few weeks on my WIn7 machine but needed to do some overdubs on location yesterday & wanted to take a track with me that I’d been editing in C6 so I installed on to my little XP laptop.

Worked perfectly all day with only 2Gb ram & an old 1.6 processor. No crashes & no odd behaviour of any kind.

Runs very stable and lightly here on Win 32bit MCE, no problems whatsoever for the two days I’ve been testing it, but again - I haven’t made any “heavy” projects for this time yet, so time will show best…! And yes - it is very memory-hungry, something that is btw happening with every major software-upgrade on the market from what I see!
Halion Sonic SE is a total hungry beast for memory :open_mouth: ! Personally I find it unpractical and even unusable if used with more than one instances, but that’s just me nobody has to take this as a general note…
As for the general OS requirments - well both Vista and Win7 are using more from your memory just to keep running (well I haven’t tried each and every single pc in the world so please correct me if I’m wrong!) so personally I still prefer the XP OS when it comes to memory usage on 32bit OS! Just personal opinion!

I think that’s the key Grim…if you are only working with a small track count with minimal processing it will be just fine. You just need to be careful how far you push your particular system.
Mine has worked solid except for that particular task that bombed on me. But I was really pushing my computer!
If you are used to having large track counts and mixing and effects and VST’s I think you could possibly run into problems with XP…with Win7 you would never have problems.

works fine for me… win xp sp3

Very stable here so far on XP pro SP2 - Doesn’t seem to be noticeably more processor or memory hungry than C4. I have been mixing a biggish project on 4 as I was well along the job before new version arrived. I didn’t want to ‘jump ship’ midway.

Opening projects into C6 works faultlessly though, no instability or crashes. In fact, although I am not sure why, I can run much lower latency in 6 without issues. All my presets were in place except Key commands which I copied to C6 folder.

A few niggles, but generally impressive stuff.


Works great on XP for me. I had to update to SP3 and NetFramework 3.5 to get it to install and load. But it runs quick, smooth, and no crashes.

I tried to install on Win XP SP3, but several addon installers “could not be opened” (HALion Sonic SE, content packs etc.)
I discovered I had to disable the square checkbox in the dialog that appears before install (choice to install as user or as administrator).

I never saw this dialog before, but I guess this has something to do with the fact that C6 is tailored for Win7? Now everything is installed fine and runs smoothly until now.

Windows 7 32bit uses around 800MB of RAM out of my 4GB, just to run the OS :open_mouth: . My fully tweaked XP Pro 32bit uses under 90MB, does that mean there is more available RAM when running Cubase in Win.XP? Does anyone know?

I wanted to install Cubase 6 in Win.7 but after seeing the amount of RAM taken out of my 4GB I went with XP, and I must say C6 runs very well so far. I do use the /3GB switch as well which allow’s me to use in excess of 2GB of RAM with C6 but that just 'ain’t enough these days of your Omnispheres and Trilians :wink:. Nice to have that freeze function…

I am planning on upgrading to a 64 bit setup in the future but for now must persevere with my 32bit setup :frowning: .