cubase 6 on xp, change to windows 7

Oi mates,
hiya doing?
One question to cubase 6.
I installed c6 to my pc using windows xp. Now I would like to get windows 7, to use the full 4gb ram of my pc, instead of the 2gb I can only use in xp (that’s right, init?)
My question is: How do I do that? Can cubase6 64bit be installed on my pc using windows 7 without any problems after I already had it running on xp?
So I’ll just get windows 7 on my pc, install c6 64bit and plug in my usb e-licenser? Is it that easy?
Sorry, for bothering U guys. Some of U will find it silly to ask, but I am new to the biz.
Thanx in advance for your help!

Yes, it’s basically that easy.