Cubase 6 Opens To Black Screen

My largest session will randomly crash upon various stages of opening it (there is no pattern). Sometimes while connecting the media, sometimes while loading the mixer. The farthest I’ve got with it is a successful opening without a crash, but the screen is completely black, and the menus on top open to blank grey rectangles. I am still able to hit play and hear the audio with no flaws in the play back.

It is my largest session, and I am able to open backups of it if I go far back enough. But the latest biggest ones crash. When I last worked on it last, there were absolutely no problems. My computer usage barely ticks when I’m opening and playing back. I’ve worked in sessions before that were too large to run on my computer and this is not acting like those situations at all.

Funny enough, this problem only started after installing El Capitan :open_mouth:

Is this simply my issue? I can open most other sessions flawlessly. The problem is this is my largest current project and it just sitting at a stand still :frowning:

No, I did not time machine backup. Ever.