Cubase 6 PitchCorrect

Is anyone knows how to use the pitchcorrect to for example, ajust the pitch for only one note in a guitar solo? I read the pitchcorrect section in the manual of cubase i’m still not sure how exactly it works!

Thanks a lot for help


Pitch Correct is monophonic. So you have to use it with monophonic signal only – solo guitar is OK, if there is only one note at the time.

Shortly: Double click to the audio region. On the left side, choose: VariAudio. Click on the arrow neer the Pitch & Warp. It makes analyze of the signal. Than Cubase will display audio signal very similar, like Key Editor. You can click on any “note” and move it.

Ok I understand and I works. But I have an other question. What is the utility of having the plug-in pitch-correct into each insert of each tracks? Because we can’t do any thing this way! If you don’t know want I’m talking about juste look at the attachment.

Thank you for anyone helping me!
pitch correct.jpg

There is no utility in having the plugin in each insert of each track. There is a use in having it in one insert of those tracks who need pitch correction hence the name “pitch correct”

Why don’t you take a look a VariAudio? It’s much easier and precise with Pitch & Warp.
Forget about Pitch Correct.

I did not want to say I would use it on every track but rather if you use it as insert how does it work? In comparison with variaudio.

This Pitch Correct plug-in works automaticly. So you will just set it once, and it will correct signal for you.

You can use VariAudio for more detail, and precise editing, but it needs your time. If you want to make it fast (but not so detailed), use the plug-in.

Noting the limitations of Pitch Correct as above, I think (?) it actually does bring something to the table that VariAudio doesn’t - PitchCorrect has the ability to preserve formants (the control is on the right side of the GUI), while I think (?) VariAudio doesn’t.

Formant preservation with pitch shifting can also be found in the Audio>Process>Pitch>pitch shifter menu. That can also process polyphonic material (like PitchCorrect, unlike VariAudio), and has an assortment of algorithms to choose from. I haven’t done an A/B between that and PitchCorrect, so I can’t speak to the difference in sound quality. I can say that I pitched a complex/polyphonic acoustic piano piece down 1/2 step with the Audio>>… menu function, and the results were OK (not great).

One of these days I’m going to A/B compare VariAudio vs. that Audio>Process>Pitch>pitch shifter tool and see which sounds better on voice when shifting 100-200 cents.

Variaudio will allow it to be done more transparently, IME.