Cubase 6, Preferences greyed out

Hi forum, I’m almost completely over Windows and Cubase, but I have to try to solve this mystery…

I’ve just reinstalled Cubase 6 on a Windows 7 - it’s been my system for several years, won a Best Soundtrack award using it…

When I try to change the language from Japanese to English, the Preferences option in the drop down menu is greyed out - the Preferences for this huge program are inaccessible!!! How can that be? What fresh hell is this?

I’ve searched the forums, after searching the internet more widely, and there seems to be one other case I can see… no real solution that I can discern…

Anyone else had this same bizarre behaviour? Cheers


But I would recommend uninstalling then reinstalling Cubase by right clicking the .exe and running it as administrator. Your issue might have to do with something in your computer preventing Cubase from installing correctly. Pretty much all common installer issues were fixed in current versions of the DAW.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it this week.

That’s the previous post I saw, cheers!