Cubase 6 quantizing audio?

This is not which is the better app. But more of a question “am I doing something wrong?” I like both Cubase and Pro Tools. No competition.

I´m a keyboardplayer and a basplayer and I play both fairly well. But when I compose I prefer things to work fast. So when I play a bas track I usually quantize it so it sits well with the instrumenttracks.
In Pro Tools this is very easy. I usually set the sensitivity in elasticaudio to 97-98% and press quantize and voila it´s perfect.
In Cubase I go into the sampleeditor work with the threshold, when I´m satisfied I “make warptabs from hitpoints” and then I audioquantize it, but don´t get the results I want. Cubase doesn´t always put everything on grid. And I have checked the gridsettings. It gets moved but not on the correct place.
Am I doing something wrong in Cubase or is Cubases audiofeatures still not as strong as those in Pro Tools?
I´m a terrible guitatplayer so I use this feature a lot with guitars as well.
I used the trial version of Cubase 6. I have Cubase Studio 4.

Thanks for your time to answer.

OK. Let me ask in a different way.
How do you quantize audio like bas and guitar in Cubase 6? And do you get good results?

You may try the AUTO ADJUST feature, no promises though…

Double click on your audio file, open the wave editor. Go to Definition, choose the grid you need, after that select with the region selector tool (the second one) the area, you want to be quantized. This selection must be of whole bars. Click on AUTO ADJUST and that´s should be about it.

Hope this helps.


That is fantastic! I had no idea that the differences between programs could be so large …

You can easily quantize (Bass or Guitar) audio using the The advanced audio quantize functions on page 110 of the user manual;

Audio Warp Quantize, I works great, without having to slice!

I too am struggling to successfully quantise an acoustic guitar part.

The whole track has been recorded well but definately needs some timing tweaks inbetween strums. I followed the manual instructions on using musical mode but it wont actually let me change bar length. It keep jumping all over the place. So I scissor and 8 bar loop for example. Then double click to open that in the sample editor. But i cant set bar length to 8 bars? Just wont let me do it. It jumps up to 79 bars which is about the lenght of the whole guitar track?

Any ideas?

As far as I’m concerned that was the right answer for this thread. Thanks cdehoff7! :bulb:

Yes I agree. Painless. The problem is I was using the wrong algorithms. The only ones worth using are the elastic ones.