Cubase 6 & Rupert Neve Portico Plug-Ins

Does anybody know if the new Rupert Neve Portico plugins actually ship with Cubase 6 or if they are a separate buy? The guy in this video seems to hint that they do. I’m confused, can anybody shed some light onto this?

As mentioned several times, the Neve Plugs are sold separately and are not part of C6.

First time I’m reading about this. Thanks.

Well I honestly feel there should be no need to have pointed it out several times.

It should be clear.

The main page add, through chronology, if nothing else, sure seems to lean you toward that way of thinking.

Its how it seems.

Its a shame though, really its whats needed.

Does anyone know how much they will cost?

There is no ambiguity. The web site
says it’s coming soon …

The C6 plugin list doesn’t have them. Pretty cut & dried.
At NAMM it was being discussed that they were $400 each, or something like that.

In other words, they are expensive. Let the hand wringing, hair pulling and teeth nashing begin (again, some more) or continue … based on how long you’ve been in the discussion.

I appreciate what your saying and your right the details are all there in writing. Id checked before I wrote my previous bit.

I just think,… well, If you had a 100 people log onto for the first time and had them watch that opening little sequence. Then asked them to list the features they could remember of C6.
Well I imagine we’d see the name Rupert Neve feature, but also rather highly on each list.

There is reason for at least some ambiguity here and im sure some people will resent that.

Im honestly pleased that this is an issue they are addressing. How much id pay for it?? Well nothing like what you were talking about. :unamused:

If I was doing regular paid studio work, or if I owned a studio that used outboard portico, I would consider this a nominal expense. Bedroom “producers” will feel differently about the price.

It is hi-end plugs for hi-end users. Out of my league, man, I’m working on 500$ Cubase, ain’t paying 1000$ for no two plugs here.