Cubase 6 - Sampling Frequency Conflict

Hello forum!

I have a conflict of frequency sampling (I guess??) between Cubase and the other applications. If internet or VLC is open and I open Cubase on top, then the audio runs too fast and the sampling frequency (44’1000) is indicated in orange/yellow.

If I open Cubase first, and then internet or VLC or Spotify or whatever, then Cubase runs at the good speed ant the sampling rate is indicated in the right colour, BUT internet/VLC/Spotify runs too slow…

I tried to reinstall the driver of my soundcard (MOTU 828 Mk3), but to no avail…

What am I missing??

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hi and welcome,

The Sample Rate of your Audio Device and Cubase has to match always. Your Audio Device is probably set to 48kHz if you start VLC, Spotify…

If the Sample Rate is marked by orange in Cubase, this means, the Sample Rate of the project doesn’t match to the Audio Device Sample Rate.

Hi Martin,
thank you very much for your input. You’re right, the audio device indicates a 48Hz sample rate when playing spotify.
I just need to see how to force it to remain at 44.1…
Thaks a lot!


I don’t know, maybe Spotify or VLC forces the Audio Device to switch to the 48kHz.

I’ve managed to re-install the control center of the soundcard and force it to go 44.1. full working now, thanks again !