Cubase 6 slow on Snow leopard


I have bought cubase 6 after work for a long time with cubase4 on windows

I am on snow leopard with macpro (1st generation 2.66ghz, 5g ram, boot on vertex 3 SSD, cubase 6.0.7) and i find my cubase 6 really slow (slow zoom in/out, latency when open plugs like UAD SSLchannelstrip or Waves Q10, moving tracks…)

I have tried to install cubase 6 on windows xp but impossible…(install doesn’t work)

so actually I prefered worked on cubase 4 on bootcamp with windows xp sp2 better than my cubase 6 on OSX 10.6.8

I use a RME fireface 800, I have made a clean install of everything on my OSX but same problems…

some tips?


Try to optimize your Mac.

I’m in the same boat – same hardware as you. Cubase 6.x (I’m on 6.5 now) is slower on mac vs Windows – all things being equal. I’ve confirmed this by running Bootcamp / Window 7 64-bit on the same Macbook Pro that OS X is also running on (I’m using Lion). A project that won’t even play on the OS X side plays like butter under Window (again, same hardware). To compound the issue, most AU / VSTs are also slower on mac.

Our Macbook Pros have a pretty modest processor, their SATA controllers are 3gb not 6gb, so we can’t even take full advantage of an SSD (not that it’s our bottleneck).

It sucks. Lol. What can I say.

I’m able to barely get a mobile, workable solution by booting my Macbook Pro into Windows, but it’s still not ideal. I can do some pre-production and that’s about it. Forget enabling a processor-intensive mastering chain.

Upgrade. That’s what we really need to do (wait for the next gen at this point).

Freezing tracks is going to be your new best friend. Your SSD will help some here.

I’m soon switching to Windows for my main workflow on my desktop, too (a new Ivy Bridge home-built from scrap parts) – replacing a 2006 first-gen Mac Pro (1,1) that’s just about dead. It’s just so much faster, cheaper and more incrementally upgradable on the PC side. Plus, there’s less plugin incompatibles on the Windows side over the OS lifecycle. Even at this time of writing there are STILL plugins that are not Lion compatible, but that have shiny 64-bit Windows 7 VST versions available. Apple manages to break their APIs with each release.

if you try a new Bootcamp / Windows 7 config, and need to change the partition size, be sure to backup your hd first – trust me on this. Re-partitioning tools (like “Camptune”) will corrupt your OS X partition and you’ll likely have to reinstall OS X.

Good Luck.

ok thx for your answer so I’m not alone…

I know this bench, but I’m sad to hear that cubase is not full perfomant on OSX than windows…so the deal is sold my cubase or sold my computer…