Cubase 6 / Superior Drummer auditioning grooves problem

Hi everyone,

I’m a new cubase user, and I have a playback problem when I’m auditioning grooves in superior drummer.
It’s like its not synching with the tempo track when I use loop play.

To explain it simply, i’ll go step by step:

I highlight a bar in Cubase which I want to loop play.
I then open the Superior Drummer instrument.
In the grooves folders, I pick a groove.
I then press the play button on Superior drummer which will then loop the drum track.
Next, I press play in Cubase (with Loop play enabled).

The groove in SD program now synchs to Cubase and plays in time with cubase, EXCEPT, once Cubase loops the bar, SD stops playing, and then resumes on the next beat.

Its really frustrating as this works in Pro Tools.

What i often do is record a guitar riff, and then I use this method to audition drum tracks to find the right one.

Can anyone help???

Need more info as I’m not able to reproduce. I followed your steps and SD2 is working fine here on Windows 7 x64. Are you on a Mac? Which version of Superior Drummer 2 and Cubase do you have? Which groove, time signature, tempo are you using?

Yeh that sounds strainge,

i could only reproduce your issue if i use SD 2 in loop of three 4 beat bars then it does this.

dont wana sound…you know…!are you sure its just one bar…?you said your new to cubase just have a zoom into the main project so the bars open up properly at the top.
your useing sup drummer 2 midi grooves that you downloaded from toontrack site yeh? most if not all of the loops from their are two bar loops,

little test

open up a new project
open up the grooves in sd2 pick one of the first 4/4 grooves then a variation.
then set cubase to loop 2 4 beat bars then play on sd2 and cubase.
also check your loops/midi files dragng a few into the project and see what bar loops they are.

it loops fine on mine.

also make sure your updated with the latest update from toontrack especialy if your on 64 bit cubase.

let us know how you get on


The auditioning in AD rots. Everything is tied to bar 1 in Cubase. This means if you cycle from bar 3 a 4 bar AD part, the part will play from it’s 3rd bar.

Well that bites. You need Superior Drummer 2… j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded the latest updates for Superior Drummer 2, and also the latest updates for Cubase 6.

I’m using Windows 7 (32bit), and Cubase 32 Bit. I’ve definately made sure the tempo/time signature is the same in Cubase as the Groove i’m trying to audition.

I also have EZ drummer, so I might give that a shot and see what happens…

Driveby: I use Superior Drummer 2 also, and I always audition Grooves right
in Superior Drummer-- Grooves - EZ Player. Then I Drag them into the Project Window in Cubase when I’m Done auditioning the grooves.

Jack :smiley:

Ps: I use 64 bit

OK…so…I tried it again - same error.
I opened EZ drummer and got the same error.
I opened VST Instruments and added a new one for superior drummer, which created a new track…same error.
I even created a video, but it had no audio which is why I didn’t post it.

After being disappointed with the video…I started fucking around with the tempo track…for some reason after this it works.

Stumped, I tried to replicate it again on a new project and it just worked right away.

…i dont get it - seems strange that its just fixed itself!

Awesome! Now i can start making some music!

Good news toontrack have just released updates which solves this problem…