Cubase 6 Support form Steinberg US (Yamaha)

Has anyone else had problems with the support request form? for some reason when I access it I don’t get the blanks to fill in. This started happening as soon as the support switched over to Yamaha US from Germany. Before I could access the form fine. It is not my computer as I can’t get it form my office computer of from my wife’s computer either. This is really frustrating cause I can’t even get anyone at Steinberg to return my emails. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get support?

I having the same problem… support seems to be non existent…

Been waiting a few weeks for a reply… and nothing…

I know it doesn’t help either one of us, but at least I now know I’m not the only one. thanks fo rthe reply!

Try posting your concern in the ‘Welcome To Steinberg’ Forum.

I’m sure your issue will be of great concern to potential customers and therefore … hopefully … receive promt attention from Steinberg.


Hey folks,

I dunno if this will help (and I sure don’t mean it to come off as a “stick in the eye”) but I’ve had really good results from the support dept thus far.

When SB first went to the all e-mail method I was a little put off and skeptical. Having said that; the few times I’ve needed to use the support desk I’ve had an asnwer within the hour (often) or at worst in a day or so.

I’m not saying that to try and frustrate you, I’m only offering that as a point of reference. Is it possible that the e-mail got blocked somehow? It just seems out of character from my personal expereinces to date that’s all.

You might try sending a PM to one of the forum moderators maybe?

let me know if you’re still hitting a brick wall and I’ll try to come up with some more ideas.

Sorry you’re having trouble.


Your input is well taken Walt and I sure appreciate you chippin in. Nothing would please me more than finding out I am a computer iliterate moron and this is all somehow my fault. But tat the moment I can’t even get into what you call the email system because the only email I recieved form them asked me to go to the Support Request form and this tool is not even available from my computer. I have tried my wife’s computer, my work computer and more recently I went into a Office Max computer and tried there. Nothing. Are the moderators directly linked with Steinberg somehow? At this point I just want my money back and, guess what, I can’t do that either.