Cubase 6 Trial

Downloading now. I’ll finally know what the ¡bzziinnng plonk! you all are talking about. :mrgreen:

WHAT!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Where is the link, my good man??

Found it:

It’s on the left after you log into “MySteinberg.wet”.

Let us know how you get on, SteveInChicago!

BTW - does the 30 days start when you download it, or is there a separate timer that gets started when you activate it?

I’m sure the timer starts when you activate it in elicenser contol center. I will post later, but I doubt I’ll have much new to say, since many already have this.

It was a nice surprise, makes it hard to stay mad at them. :wink:

Download came in at the max speed for my ISP. (average 1.4 mb/sec) Installation was smooth. (on Mac). The installer has been updated, I think, and talks to growl, so you see install status updates in the status window displayed on the desktop when the installer in in the background.

Cubase 6 trial is time limited and not launch limited, that is very good. (The Cubase 5 trial was limited to 100 launches, so if you had a problem that required relaunching Cubase the license expired quickly. That’s what happened to me)

I didn’t let Cubase 6 see the Cubase 5 prefs folder so I got none of the probs associated with that.

It started up smooth, which is to be expected. What else is there to say? I’ll come back to complain bitterly asap. :neutral_face:

Were the folder management instructions clear as can be - where to put the C6 folder, the VSTs folder, where to put UAD-1 cards, and all the other miniscule details that I have managed to get wrong and waste days on in the past :frowning: ?

I am on Mac, don’t know if this applies to PC, but there was no need for me do deal with any of that. I changed the name of the Cubase prefs folder in order to have a clean install.

The file path info is in the knowledgebase, and also in the manual, I believe. Sorry I don’t have a link handy… That info possibly deserves a sticky considering how often the question is asked.

OK, thanks!

Was it able to get your old prefs into C6 without too much hassle?

Well, actually I deleted the C6 prefs and launched it again to allow C6 to inherit C5’s prefs and Mediabay stuff.

Everything seems to have worked.

if you decide to buy it will they just send you an activation number to authorize the demo?

That would be nice, but I doubt it. You get 30 days though, so maybe you can time it right.