Cubase 6 Tutorial Video

I want to give Kudos to the lady who is presenting the Cubase 6 tutorial. I really, really enjoy her. She is sensitive, knowledgable and thorough in her presentation. I have been with Steinberg products for the twenty-five something years and have never heard a women present this great program. The tutorial is worth the update alone. Thank you. Does anyone know her name and is it possible to send her a message? :smiley:

Sigourney Weaver, isn’t it? :wink:

Hi TritonKing,

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:
You can find more Cubase videos with her here:

Video 1, 0:16: “My name is Donna Hanson” - good luck Romeo :wink:


There you go :laughing:
from here:

does anyone else find this creepy? I thought this was steinberg forums, not

I think it is Ina fried from CNET. Check her interview with Steve Ballmer talking about Windows Phone 7… :slight_smile:

I think she has a really boooooring voice.
I almost fell asleep during the tutorials.
Next time - Chose a woman with a non-sleeping voice.
She doesnt even sound interested!

creepy isn’t the word :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: i haven’t even been able to watch the tutorials all the way through yet i keep falling a sleep , her voice is just so monotonically BORING and if you gave me all the substances ive done in my life in one hit id still fall a sleep watching she bores the crap out of me !

I would agree, haven’t heard much but it didn’t really sound inspiring to me.

Well, to each his own. I’m in love. :laughing:

IS there a way to take the tutorial, run it thru the computer and then stream it to the TV via my FiOS attached router as the TV has some kind of app that SAYS…it will allow you to view your pictures and video from your computer?

I have spent time trying to do it but… If there is anyone that really knows if it can work…I won’t stop trying to make it happen…

The TV is new but the archaic methods they employ with the remote is a nightmare and impedes any real progress so far

Can’t you just run it off some cheap*ss laptop with the TV as monitor?

Mathew Loel T. Hepworth is by far the best Cubase Tutorial instructor period. This lady surely knowledgeable about Cubase, but I did find myself nodding with my eyes rolling to the back of my head as I listened to her, lolol! Maybe my learning style does not fit her teaching style :slight_smile: :wink: