Cubase 6 upgrade from cubase Elements 6 .

what does the box contain ? it looks like you need the USB key, what else is missing from the box?

no one upgraded??

I upgraded from C4, obviously I didn’t need a USB key, but otherwise the box contained a full C6 package.

I would imagine it’s exactly the same from Elements 6 to C6 full, only you will need to get a USB key.

Given that there are a number of upgrade paths the box would contain different things. Upgrading from 5-6 you would not need a dongle.
Upgrading from studio 6 to full Cubase 6, the dongle would be converted to the new license.
Upgrading from elements should see a usb dongle included in the box. Given that the cost is quite substantially more.

Given that Steinbergs shop states that a USB key is required if upgrading from Elements 6 then it won’t be included in the box.

The C6 product will be exactly the same as any other C6 regardless of upgrade path. (apart for a dongle, if buying C6 without updating/upgrading)

Thanks for the replies, so basically it’s same as full-version - the USB key, which I already purchase.
does it come with a printed manual ?


No printed manual.

since it is the element 6 upgrade, does it overwrite element 6?

No Cubase upgrade does overwrite any previous version, mentioned many times here already…

Thanks, Just ordered the upgrade.

Oh one more thing, is it possible to carry over all VST configurations(not vst plugins, vst connections etc.) , and midi configurations, from Elements 6, to Full version of cubase 6 without having to setup all the connections again?