Cubase 6 upgrade licence onto non Cubase key

I have 2 USB dongles.

The older longer version with Cubase 3,4, and 5 on.

The newer/shorter dongle with “The Grand 3” on.

Because I have just bought Cubase 6 Update from Cubase 4/5, does the Cubase 6 licence need to be on
the one with older dongle with Cubase 4 and 5 , or is it ok on the newer one.


Doesn’t matter…

Hi studio64,

We would recommend you transferring all your licenses to the newer USB-eLicenser, as the newer ones are faster.
Download and install the latest version of the eLC at Connect both dongles after the installation, open the eLC and transfer the licenses per drag and drop to the new dongle. :slight_smile: