Cubase 6 Upgrade or Cubase 6 UPDATE?


can anyone clear this up for me. :confused:

What is the difference between Cubase 6 update and Cubase 6 upgrade.

I have C5 and can get an online C6 UPDATE for a good price. It is new and boxed.

Is the C6 UPDATE the same as a C6 upGRADE.



Updates are usually within a product generation and free (ie Cubase 6.5 to 6.5.1)
Upgrades are from one product generation to another (ie Cubase 5 to 6.5, or Cubase 6 to 6.5 [a content pack]).

For you, updating from Cubase 5 is going to be a boxed product.

Sounds like it just poor wording choice.

Remember though: If it is a Cubase 6 (not 6.5) upgrade (check the license), after activating the license you are eligible for a free upgrade to Cubase 6.5 (I think).

How to:

  1. In e-licenser control center, perform maintenance.
    And after following these instructions go here:

Thanks Shinta, what you have replied is exactly what I believed the difference to be.

Check out this ebay listing:

The seller, who has a shop, also offers a boxed C6 UPGRADE, which of course is more expensive.

So what is this ‘update’. Like you I thought updates were ‘free’ for owners.

I emailed the seller twice and as yet (3 days), have had no reply.

still confused

this is the sellers other advert for a C6 UPGRADE.

here it tis

My definitions are my definitions. Others may vary. However:
Updates are not available through anyone but Steinberg’s support page.
Upgrades can be bought through a retailer.

Okay. From what I can see this is how he words it (it’s in the ad):

First one (less expensive): Cubase 4 or 5 (FULL VERSION) to Cubase 6 (Full Version)
Second one (more expensive): Cubase STUDIO 4 or 5 to Cubase 6 (Full Version)

I forgot to mention the product lines in the term “upgrade” as well.

In Cubase 6 there are three levels of product based upon features (Elements, Artist, and the full featured version).
Comparison chart:
There’s also LE and AI versions, but those are OEM that come with hardware.

The first one is a true earlier generation to new generation upgrade.
The second one is an earlier generation to new generation upgrade and also an “up the line” upgrade.

For you: go with the first one. It is not an upgrade to 6.5, but I believe that you’ll qualify for the “grace period” update.

Upgrades in Steinberg sense are from a lower Version to a higher version (i.e. Cubase Studio 5 to Cubase 5 or Cubase 6 or Cubase AI 6 to Cubase Elements 6).
Updates are within the same product range. Which does not generally mean they´re free, or only available from steinberg. (for example Cubase 6 to 6.07 is an (unpaid maintenance) update, just like Essential 4 to Essential 5 is a (paid) update.

thanks for your replies.

you have both given enough encouragement to go ahead with the purchase and send some $'s to another country.

if i also qualify for Steinberg’s 6.5 grace period i shall be more than pleased.