Cubase 6 upgrade saving projects in C5 format

Months ago I upgraded/installed Cubase 6 and left Cubase 5 on the same computer. Now when I save a new project or song they are always saved as cubase 5 projects or songs. How do I get 6 working properly to save new projects and songs as version 6 projects rather than 5. Did I set a preference incorrectly when I upgraded to 6? Even my new Cubase 6 projects started from scratch all save as C5 format. I really want to use only Cubase 6 but don’t want to lose all my 5 projects and songs. My preference is to uninstall 5 altogether and only run 6. I’m running Cubase 6.03 on 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Thanks.

Are you sure they’re saved in Cubase 5 format? Because Windows might tell you they’re a Cubase 5 file, but that doesn’t mean that they are. (Windows tells me that all my Cubase files are now Cubase 6 files, even though most of them are Cubase 4 files).

Have you saved them in Cubase 6 and then tried to open them in Cubase 5? If they won’t open in C5 then they’re not C5 files, whatever Windows tells you.

If you can save a file in Cubase 6 and comp some audio with the new lanes feature and then reopen the same file with your comping intact, then you are indeed saving in C6 format.
If you open an old song made in C5 in C6 and save it then you should get a prompt which asks you if you want to overwrite the old file or save a new copy, this is also an indication that saving in C6 works as it should.

If you simply have problems with file association then you can change it under “Default Programs” in your start menu.


I don’t know if a “reply” to my own post is the proper way to add to this thread, but … thank you Scramble and TwinOak for your fast input. I changed the file associations for .cpr files and .fxb I think, to “Cubase 6” specifically. They were set to a generic “Cubase” which sent them to 5 from what I could tell. So thanks TwinOak for that suggestion. It may have fixed my problem as Cubase seems to be able to tell me now exactly which version and release each project was originally saved in. Although I haven’t time yet to do a well organized 5 to 6 resave of a song for the real test.
Scramble, it’s true, I was never sure things were actually saving in Cubase 5 format, it just was what Cubase was telling me when I opened an old 5 song or project in 6, made some edits and just hit save again, and the Save As menu only offered .cpr not a version choice. Always after the save, the version was listed in the title bar in Cubase as Cubase 5. But I never quite trusted that either - I could edit, save and play the new and old songs in 6 but they always said 5 in the title bar.
Also, TwinOaks, that was another oddity that made me think 6 was saving old 5 songs back into version 5 instead of updating them as 6 songs; I never got that prompt to overwrite or save a new copy. I assumed 6 was just automatically honoring my original format and just saving it in the format it was most compatible with. The comping trick would have told me but I it didn’t occur to me to try an exclusively version 6 type of edit on the song as a test.
I’ll try those other ideas just to get things proper when I have a little more time - compressing some audio with lanes etc., and opening a 6 song in 5 to see if it works in reverse or not. I’m slow about this stuff. I’ll post the results and let you know what happens. Meantime, it may be that my original “everything seems to save as version 5” issue was fixed with the file association change. Thank you both for your ideas and time.

Problem Solved. Thanks for the replies TwinOak and Scramble. TwinOak, your off-hand remark about the file associations is probably what fixed my problem. Now when I open earlier version cubase projects in Cubase 6 and resave, I do get the prompt to overwrite or save in the new format. I get the exact release listed on the old and new versions. I’m glad you happened to mention the possibility as an after thought and didn’t hold back simply because it might have been something obvious to most regular users. Much obliged. Doug Forness

Good news, even though a bit strange!
I would never have guessed that Cubase (partly) relies on the OS file association rather than some metadata in the file itself to determine version. I write partly because even with the file association set to Cubase 6 instead of 5, Cubase 6.0.4 should give the same warning when saving a project made in 6.0.3.
My memory is too short to remember if this happens with every minor version or just the unsupported pre-releases to remind you of potential problems.