Cubase 6 Video View BUG? [SOLVED]

To reproduce (you’ll need a dual screen setup):

1- Import a video file into a clean project and press F8 to bring up the Video Window.
2- Move the video window to your secondary screen.
3- Right-click on the video and select Fullscreen mode.
4- Press F8 again (closes Video Window) and then move the time line.
5- Press F8 once more to bring the Video back.

You will see that the video window moved to the primary monitor instead of staying in the secondary monitor. If you exit fullscreen mode, the video goes back to its original screen. Can anyone confirm this?


Yup! Same here! You don’t even have to move the timeline… just push F8 twice.

Very annoying. But I never work with full screen since I use me second monitor for key editor so it’s not a problem for me.

Please write if you find a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming it SoundComposer. Now how do I summit this bug to Steinberg?


Move you mouse to the other screen before pressing F8 the second time. So the fullscreen video view will open on the other screen.

I assume this is the default behavior on windows for opening fullscreen views.

Ah, I see! So that’s what’s going on. This sucks cause it is inconsistent with the way a non-fullscreen window behaves. I guess I just need to remember to place my mouse on the correct screen before pressing F8 :confused:


It doesn’t work for me, I’m using Cubase 6.05 in OSX Lion, any suggestion?