Cubase 6 Vs Battery 3

having a problem with my battery 3. just wondered if anyone had a similar issue.

B3 installs and works fine. howerver when i save my project and try to re-open it later, cubase crashes.??!!
Just get that small blue swirly circle going round & round until i decide to “end task”

Anyone have any ideas??

rich :angry:

Have you run Battery in stand alone mode first before using it as a plugin? This makes sure your libraries have been located and scanned.
Of course make sure you have the latest version of Battery installed.

hey johngar,

thanks for your reply. yes done all that. still the same. have had some trouble with cubase installation too.
im now suspicious of my dvd drive. might swap that out and try again.



I experienced the same problem a couple of times in the last weeks…the projects stop loading when it comes to the single battery tracks. surprisingly it crashed at different stages of the loading process… :question:

My system:
Win 7 64 bit
cubase 6.05 64 bit
battery 3 v.3.2.3 64 bit

The crashs also happened before the the update to the actual versions.

This has happened to me TOO!!! … i experimented and tried working CUBASE 6 in 32bit and it loaded… go to Cubase 6 app and command + i for the info and select the 32bit bootup and try then.

Please share what you find as this is a big issue for me too :frowning: