Cubase 6 vs Pro Tools 10

With the new announcement of Avid, Pro Tools 10. Cubase 6 will beat the new Pro Tools 10?
For me Cubase 6 has many new features, but the interface of the DAW and plugins are mostly semi-professional.


IMHO get both and use the right tool at the right time.

Cubase 6.5 will be out at NAMM. So who knows what features that will include. Just pick one and wait until the other catches up.

I read on another forum that most of the new features introduced in PT10 have already been in Cubase for a long time… PT10 is basically playing catch up from what I understand.

Also, ever since Cubase 6 isn’t Cubase just as good (if not better than) PT when it comes to handling audio?

Just saw a video about PT 10 new features.

One of them is realtime fades. Something that Cubase has had for years. Now PT can also drag the top corner of the event and create a fade in/out.


Where is that info?

ProTools 10 is a good step forward, but not enough to make me drool over it. The biggest improvement are the new DSP cards and they cost thousands, so that’s out of the question for me. Might as well just buy the most powerful computer I can get for the same amount of money and I’ll probably end up with something more powerful. The software itself is basically catching up to the other DAWs as far as the new features are concerned. I’m SUPER excited about Cubase 6 though. I can’t wait to see what it brings to us :slight_smile:

The new Channel Strip plugin looks great. I like the overall look’n feel PT10.

I saw a video where a guy was stunned with the clip faders! Are you kidding me? Pro Tools is, like Stealth said, playing catch up, and, like IO read elsewhere updating a DAW that’s 10 years behind with 5 years old features… Full ADC only in HD version. Say what? I am Cubase one thousand times vs Pro Tools.

This is actually the first time I’d consider Pro Tools over Cubase. I doubt I’ll make the switch, but being able to adjust the volume of clips is key to the way I work in Cubase. I rarely use automation - it actually drives me a little nuts. I find it so much easier to make a cut on one side, a cut on the other side, move the volume bar, then click x to crossfade. Quick and easy … plus easy to fine tune later.


Why? Ever since the Cubase 6 update I can’t see any reason to switch to PT unless you’re mostly doing post or something.

Protool’s mixer is really better than Cubase’s one IMHO (grouping, ability to color the whole channel, ability to move channels around, ability to view inserts and sends at the same time,…). These are really basic features Cubase’s still lacking, sad but true.

Cubase’s mixer needs overhaul and improvements, it’s so old fashion the way it works today. SB, please improve this dinosaur !

maybe i’m misunderstanding you, but all those things sound quite possible in cubase, except maybe color whole channel if that means what i think you mean by it.

Also yes, it blows my mind that they can use clip gain as a “new feature” when i’ve been using it since the 90s.

Well I for one would not be prepared for what Pro Tool would cost - not to mention the cost of third party applications. Cubase has got issues but so have Pro Tools along with all other DAWs.
To use an analogy: I like my Golf and don’t want to drive a Bentley.

in regards to features I would say Cubase is the Bentley and PT the Golf.

I’ve been trying S1 and I really really like it, the track list is brilliant, transformer is killer, event based effects is nice and they have excellent support but… Cubase 6 is still more mature and deeper it’s just lacking that smooth workflow.Imo

Funny… S1Pro (V2) already supports Rewire 64-bit (on both Mac and PC versions) !

Currently Cubase 6 does not do so :unamused: and won’t do so until 6.5 is released. I wonder why Steinberg is behind Presonus in implementing Rewire 64-bit into Cubase 6 ?

Hopefully Cubase 6.5 will also offer some improvements in workflow, and provide some new features that ROCK !


Where’s that info :question:

Cubase must improve:
mixer - terrible vs PT- looks, functionality, sends and inserts visible at the same time etc.
free routing - doesn’t exist in Cubase
better on board plugins - delay - terrible for instance

I’m not talking about all those bugs etc. Everybody have them.

I was working on PT and I like it a lot. The problem with PT is that is very poor as far as midi/instruments production.
Cubase is way ahead in that field. But as far as working on audio, mixing etc - PT is still leading…
Like somebody before said - optimal situation - have both and use them as need it.


I think Cubase is very close to become the perfect DAW production software. But close is not there yet…

Thought we had free routing since 4.1? Speaking of .1’s, all this talk of 6.5…why not just have 6.1, give us multitrack audio warping and some other features and get two updates before needing to talk “What I want in Cubase 7”. :laughing: