Cubase 6 WEBINAR video's


Some interesting Cubase 6 video’s from the WEBINAR

VST Expression 2
VST Amp Rack
Drum Replacement



good videos, those comping features look awesome.

Great videos and the webinar concept is a nice way to get info about the new features in Cubase 6! :slight_smile:

Greg knows Cubase! :sunglasses:

Hi Chris-will there be a timestretch/pitchshift video as well? I haven’t seen an official one from Steinberg yet, and I’m very eager to.

Great videos - the VST note expression has made me order the update!

any idea when the next webinar is going to be ?


I was thinking about taking a camcorder to one of the upcoming Back To Music tour dates…

Why is all the Cubase audio output only to the right channel with a quiet reverbish mirroring in the left? Takes a bit of meaning out of at least the note expression video don’t you think?

(After a few days worth of troubleshooting I was paranoid enough to check this in two different browsers and on my laptop just to make sure :smiley:)