Cubase 6 & Win 7 - Cracks and Pops

Can anyone help?
I Installed Win 7 64bit and Cubase 6.
I have increased the RAM to 8GB and upgraded to an i3 Intel Processor with two hard discs, but now have to increase the buffer size to above 700 otherwise I struggle with cracks and pops during recording and playback.
With my previous XP and Cubase Studio 5 (due core and 4 GB RAM) setup I never needed to increase the buffer size.

I use an M – Audio Audiophile 192 sound card with the latest Win 7 64bit SP1 driver.

Hope someone does have a solution!


Some may be able to help here, but could you provide more information? What sort of computer? Have you checked with DPC latency checker, in case it’s caused by other hardware devices? Have you set the power options to “high performance”? Also, wondering how much of an upgrade it is to an i3 in your case.