Cubase 6/Win 7/Lexicon Omega - audio not working.

Hey all,

Here’s the deal: long time Cubase user. Was using Cubase 4 which worked pretty good with my Lexicon Omega.
Upgraded to Cubase 6 and upgraded all my drivers. Now audio playback happens for about 2 seconds, sounds distorted, then drops out entirely. Audio recording does not work.

Things I have done:
-upgraded Lexicon Omega drivers with latest/greatest (Win 7 64-bit).
-installed 64-bit Cubase/uninstalled/installed 32-bit Cubase…same thing happens. Done this several times.
-figured it may be a driver problem so I downloaded latest/greatest ASIO4ALL drivers…exact same thing happens.
-tried using all 3 USB ports…same thing happens.

Any help would be appreciated. Right now Cubase 6 is basically a $1000 screen saver.

Platform is:
Dell studio XPS
Intel i7 CPU
6 gigs of Ram
64 bit Windows 7
Cubase 6.0.0
Lexicon Omega


I found out the hard way myself with an answer from lexicon…“We don’t plan on supporting 64-bit any time soon.” Went through the whole rigamaroll of ASIO drivers, including ASIO4All. So had to make the decision to ditch my trusted USB Lexicion Omega and go with Focurite Saffire Pro 14 (firewire). It works great and has all the inputs I need, including midi. For the cost of USB, you get awesome Focusrite pre’s and firewire throughput for the same price! BTW, I’m on Win7 64-bit, Cubase Artist 6. Let me know what you’re using now.

Sounds like I have pretty much what you have…

Win 7 64-bit
Cubase 6 (not artist)
Lexcon Omega

So this Focusrite Saffire worked right out of the box? Is everything working fine for you? I might consider getting it if its plug-n-play.



Right out of the box. Make sure you have a firewire port available (I would dedicate it as well- no other firewire hardware on the same bus). I also upgraded to 4 Gig Ram, but yeah…I’m stable all the way. The Saffire ASIO driver works like a charm. You can have your screensaver on, but make sure your “power saver” features in Windows is turned off. They also have a great Monitor Control app that offers great options for routing separate mixes. I’m running latency “long”, and buffer at 1024. Check out their site and let me know what you think.

BTW, What was Lexicon thinking? I’m sure there are a lot of users out there that switched to 64-bit.

Hi I know this post is old, but I have the same things as you, Cubase 6 and Lexicon Omega, I’m pretty sure I got the latest drivers and everything, there is no audio signal in cubase too.

It’s weird because in this page it says it supports window 7 64-bit in the Read More… Omega Specifications box.

I don’t know maybe the best thing is to just use LE because for some reason the audio recording works in LE but not C6.

ANYHOW, Have you got this resolved by buying a new audio interface??

Did you select the device’s ASIO driver in Device Setup? Add the correct buses in VST Connections?

Okay so I picked Omega ASIO in device setup and VST Connections I put a In1 bus for Omega ASIO because I was plugged into Line 1 and I’m still not getting anything. I’m really stuck here maybe it just doesn’t work with Cubase 6.

Did you enable the Monitor button on the track?

Okay I added the correct buses and made sure they were correct in the track. I will retry and do the monitor thing.