Cubase 6 with a new mac

i thought it was owned by same company?!

anyway, another question, i have heard that cubase 6 has some problems with the newer macs. is this just a myth?

Well… lets see, Hmm…

This is the Cubase forum…

We all use Cubase here…

so lets say just to prove no bias, I think you should use…


NOT :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Don’t know of problems with new macs, other than the retina displays which cannot be used to their full potential with Cubase. And the fact that benchmarks indicate that Cubase runs better on PC, but that’s in general, not related to the current mac line.

yes Cubase runs better on windows vs OSX regardless of newer or older…
its an OS issue not a hardware issue.

Well, that’s not actually, strictly true any more… :open_mouth:

well, the vast majority then :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the word, ‘vast’. It sounds soooo… vast!


While a simple1 “majority” is more than 50% of any total, a “vast majority” is harder to define. The phrase “vast majority” is most often used to exaggerate the size, relevance, or importance of some statistic.


Anyway the OP completely rewrote their original post, so my response now makes no sense!!!