Cubase 6.x vs DP 8

With the upcoming release of Digital Performer 8 for both OSX and Windows, I can’t help myself but ask the question: How does DP compare to Cubase / Nuendo?

Is there anyone that has experience using both applications? How do you think they compare when it comes to music composition workflow, MIDI features, virtual instruments, automation support? What are the killer features of DP that Cubase doesn’t have, or has a poor implementation? If you are more of a fan of Cubase, why is that? Which areas you think that Cubase / Nuendo has a better feature set?

Let the debate begin!


They are both immensely great DAW applications.
The best DAW for you is the one you know the best.

I like DP7, there is lots of great features. But there is lots of features, I miss here. So, I’m not using it.

I like Cubase, there is lots of great features. And there is few of features, I miss. So I’m using Cubase.

DP 8 isn’t inovative and new for Mac user, in fact. 64-bit should be like free update. Few more plug-ins (which I will not use it). Few more themes - Why? New video engine - OK. I have no reason, to use DP8.

This is my personal opinion.