cubase 6

hi sorry to bother was just hoping i could get a lil help i have cubase 6 an all of a sudden I’m am getting this annoying problem regarding the pre count metronome. My pre count tempo is slower then my track tempo after my 2 measures of pre count it seems to speed up an i have no idea why i have searched the net but have found nothing hoping i can get some help as this is kicking my ass an makes it hard for me to record anything

Have you fully explored the dialog box for those settings? Preferences? When weird stuff happens I always go and reset things to ‘default’.

Yeah 100% went through basically everything an reset to default I downloaded a cubase 6 update an it fixed my problem but now it has started doin the same thing again mad frustrating I have tried reinstalling the update it didn’t fix it this time I have no clue why it does this