Cubase 64-bit - Free 32bit VST/Plugins?

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I am new with Cubase. Can the 64bit client run “most” 32bit plugins? (The ones from VST4free planet, or whatever its called)?

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64 bit Cubase can run almost every 32 bit VST plugin, but the plugins may behave oddly or cause crashes.

I would strongly recommend you to get jBridge if you plan to use 32 bit plugins often.

I just like the free plugins and alot of the older ones are 32bit :slight_smile:

Of course - freebies are great - everyone likes them.

BUT…they can be problematic.

And one thing to consider about free plugs, regardless of whether they’re 32 or 64 bit, is that there is no support for them. Most vendors that sell their plugins will offer technical support - [some are time limited like Waves], but most are willing to help if there’s a problem.

It’s much too vague of a generalization to say that paid ones won’t give you troubles and free ones will, but often when there’s problem with Cubase, many times it’s not Cubase itself, but one or more plugs - and more often than not, it will be a free one.

I would definitely go with jbridge though.

It’s $20 well spent. I’ve tried Cubase’ own bridge, but I had crashes with it.

The safest way to go is with paid vendors plugs who have taken the time to port their plugs to 64 bit [or offer both as a choice at least].

You can also run 32-bit Cubase. Which is much better, if you want to use 32-bit plug-is in it.

+1 on that.
Compose with the free 32bit vsti on Cubase 32bit, render to Audio and continue on the 64bit version. Both 32 and 64 bit versions can coexist at least on a Windows computer.

Also on Mac. There is one application on Mac and you can switch when ever you want to betwee 32-/64-bit (if the application is binary, what Cubase is).


Cubase in 64 bit mode does not have a good bridge to a 32 bit plug. jBrigde is a little better, but operating the plugin interface through jBridge is not good at all. Occasional use ok perhaps, but if you do it a lot, you might get very irritated by the GUI disappearing and the many mouse clicks needed to bring it back. You will most certainly encounter crashes too. (For Logic there is something called 32Lives that handles this problem much better. That is a good “bridge” (actually a converter)). So bridging is not recommended. Running in 32 bit/rendering to audio/ back to 64 bit is not recommended either. Again, occasionally yes ok, but on a regular basis…nope. Too much hassle. I find the “best” way (at least when it comes to stability and operational ease) to be two machines linked either by vst link or by VePro, one running in 32 bit and the other in 64 bit. Works for both instruments and for fx. Works for both macs and pcs, or one of each, old and new, making almost every plugin ever released available. You do however need two computers (number 2 could be old, actually preferred to be older with an OS suited for the 32 bit plugs), two Cubase licenses and/or VePro, but then again…everything is available and with the least trouble as the plugs run in an environment it was created for.

There is a simpler way to use two instances at the same time cubase mac, no two computers , not two licenses cubase , or anything like that. Once you have installed cubase x64, go to applications and duplicate the cubase app. In the copy of cubase give a right click (or ctrl + click) and give it to obtain information (or whatever you call it in English, I am Spanish ) and click “Start application in 32 -bit mode”, and close it .
You can rename the app to Cubase 32 -bit and make a shortcut.

Now you can open in 64 -bit mode and 32 -bit mode, even at the same time, and share midis and other stuff, like bounces, between both instances in real time, with only one license dongle.

I do not think this will work as the transport only will relate to either 64 bit or 32 bit. Only one project at a time. Yes you can share between the projects, like dragging MIDI and audio files between projects, but that is not good enough, at least when I am composing. Then it would be better to have another DAW, like say Reaper, in 32 bit an rewire it to Cubase. Then you would get full time correspondence. I do however find it better to operate two instances of Cubase on two different machines. There is another reason for it too and that is that modern OS do not support older plugins, or wise versa. So it does not help to run a 32 bit instance of Cubase. The plugin won’t load. I am running things like Broomstick, Key Rig and Bass Rig on an old XP. Not often, but it happens. Two computers will also give you more power, if needed. In my world I have only had this need once though.


Now you can import tracks/data from another project, since Cubase 8.5.

That has “always” been possible, only a little simpler with 8.5. There is however not the problem here. Problem is that modern OS do not run some of the older plugins. Also without rewiring you cannot synchronize two instances of a DAW, at least without a lot of manual work and luck. So it does not help to have a 64bit and a 32bit instance open at the same time. On a MAC from Lion and up you will miss a lot of plugs, same goes for Windows7 and up. However not necessarily the same malfunctions on a MAC and PC.

Could someone explain how to get the Cubase copy to start in 32 bit mode? Right clicking on the file opens Properties and I’m unable to find: “Start application in 32 -bit mode”.

Thank you.

I would think starting Cubase 8.5 32bit first and then selecting the right cpr. file would work.

A work around might be to create a Cubase 32 bit project and import audio files from the 64 bit project you are working on. (A stereo or batch export). Do what you need to with the 32 bit plugins and then export audio files from those plugins and import them into the 64 bit project.

Start appication on 32bit mode is for Macs only…on Windows the 64 and 32bit are separate programs. Check the start menu and if you don’t find it maybe you need to install it.

Thank you very much, Grim. I had only installed the 64 version. I’ll install the 32 bit one.

I’ve installed Cubase 32 bit but old VST 32 bit plugins are not recognized in Windows 10. Fortunately there is a simple solution starting Cubase 32 bit in compatibility mode with Windows 8.

That is exactly the problem!

With older plugs it does not help with Win8 either.

In some future Steinberg will release a new version of Cubase that does not run on win8. You then need to run both the old CB version and the new (that is IF you do the upgrade). Then Steinberg will release an even newer version and to fully utilize that you need to upgrade your hardware. That hardware comes with win15 and does not run win8 at all. Then you need two computers to run your favourite plugins from at that time late persons or companies.

This is what actually has happened during the last 10 years only with lower/older versions of Cubase, Windows and hardware.

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