Cubase 64 bit vs 32 bit.

Got Cubase 5.5.3 64 bit working with jbridge today. There seems to be absolutely no difference between the two cpu meter wise, so as jbridge can also run in 32 bit mode, what exactly am i supposed to get with 64 bit? Don’t get it…

Probably the main difference is that a 64 bit application can access more RAM than a 32 bit one. Some VSTi that use a lot of memory might benefit. Some people say if you don’t need the extra RAM capability to stay 32 bit (unless you have 64 bit plug-ins.

Thanks. Do you know how much RAM the 32 bit version can access? Is there any other difference?

If you run CB 32 in the 64 bit environment, you can access up to 4G of ram. However, if you also employ jbridge in this mode, it will allot 2G of ram for every vst plug/instr until you reach your max ram.
With CB 64 in the 64 bit environment, CB and all vst plugs/instr will use all available ram without limitation. 64 bit plugs will in most cases be more successful as they will be fully compatible without bridging. Most 32 bit plugs work well with bridging but some are known to be problematic. None of this will show up on your cpu meter as it does not measure ram.
Conversely, jbridge will also let you run 64 bit plugs in CB 32 so like J.L. mentioned, CB 32 is the better way to go if you do not require more ram than it will allow. That is even if you do have 64 bit plugs.

To add to what Suprawill1 already said. If you run CB 32 in the 64 bit environment and you also employ jbridge in this mode, if the plugin you are jbridging is a 64-bit plugin, then that plugin is not limited to the 2G of ram like the 32-bit plugins.


Ta ducks. Thanks…