Cubase 64bit and mpk49 startup problem.

This is a long shot but I’m having a problem with the 64 bit version of Cubase and my Akai MPK49.

The thing that happens is that after opening up Cubase 64bit and a project everything freezes while loading. The only way to get Cubase “back” is to unplug the Akai MPK49 usb. (Imediately after unplugging the usb contact the project appears on screen.)

This only happens with the 64 bit version of Cubase. If I replug the MPK49 try starting cubase and opening the same project it always works. I’ve got other midi controllers but never had the same issue with them.

Anyone got any ideas, or have similar things happen?


I’ve an MPK49 (firmware 1.05) and running Cubase 64bit too, I never experienced the problems you have with this combo though.
Can you reproduce the problem with only the MPK49 connected?
Did you try to fully uninstall and reinstall the MPK49 (maybe on another USB port).
Are your running it through a hub or direct to the USB port?
Did you try to disable the MPK’s secondary Midi ins and out in Cubase’s device setup?
Do you have any Project Synchronization going to the MPK? Does it solve anything when temporarily disabling those?

A conflict between the other controllers could be possible. I recall similar problems I had in the past on XP with Cubase 5, the MPK and a Novation Nocturn. Strangely enough, back then the order of installation solved the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions niles. I’m gonna run though your suggestions and see what happens.

I’ve got this problem with Cubase 6. Did you find a solution?

Yes I did. In the Windows device manager you can get a view where you see all devices even the disconnected ones. Then I uninstalled all “ghost” instances of the MPK49 that I had, restarted my computer and plugged my MPK49 back in again.

Here’s a link to one way to show ghost devices in the device manager: