Cubase 64bit vs 32bit

Hello all,

New member to the forum but long time user of Cubase.

Just curious what most people are running their Cubase at? 32 vs 64.

Ever since going to Cubase 7, I have been running Cubase 64 using jbridge for some older plugs. I seem to get a lot of crashes when closing down a project and they almost are always related to a jbridged plugin getting hung up.

Just curious what the majority of people here are running their Cubase at and if the are using jbridge, or just weeding out the older plugs, etc.

I went straight to Win7x64 + Cb64 as soon as I could because I was hitting the 3GB sampler limit on XP using orchestral VSTi’s. I’m actually using Steinberg’s bridge rather than jBridge as I currently have few 32bit plugs that I use. Occasionally it hangs on exit, but that’s only with older projects that are loaded up with loads of old plugins, I try not to use them now. Personally I mourn my old plugins, especially some of the original Steinberg plugins which just aren’t compatible anymore, but I’ve found that most manufacturers have now updated old plugins to 64bit so as time goes on I find that I can go more and more retro :slight_smile:


Actually, what finally allowed me to go fully (Win7-)64bit was the Midex8 beta driver which Steinberg released. So, in saying that, it’s not just plugins that might not work it’s other bits and bobs too. E.g. sound device and midi device.



But Not a single 32bit in my system.

64 bit here, and staying away from any 32 bit plugins. Solid

64 bit now.

Very glad too because I can use sample hungry synths or ROMplers without paging.

64-bit here since 4.5.

There are several JB settings that might help. Your best bet is to email the dev (his name escapes me now) and tell him precisely what’s going on - what settings you already have, what plugs, when it happens, etc. He is usually very good with getting back to people in a timely manner.


64-bit all the way. Yeah, I still use a few 32-bit oldies which have no x64 counterparts. jBridge takes excellent care of bridging those. Cubase’s VSTBridge is no match for that, you really are rolling the dice if you use it, especially with anything older than VST 2.4 standard.

Can you turn this thread into a poll??


Really? This is a conversation in 2013?

Just kidding. I know some people never want to let their old 32 bit OS computer go since it works fine, or just can’t live without their 32 bit VST’s and haven’t updated to 64 bit VST anything. To each his own and I really don’t mean to knock, or mock those people. But if they have the money to upgrade, they won’t regret it. I don’t even consider purchasing anything that’s 32 bit anymore and most things are 64 as of quite some time now. At the moment, the only things 32 bit I have left are Sony Sound Forge and CD Architect, which may eventually be replaced by Wavelab 8 bit 64 as soon as I decide it’s worth spending the money. I’m testing the demo version for the full 30 days first. Everything working inside Cubase is 64 bit.

Exactly, especially if you consider that other DAWs don’t make the 32bit version anymore…(PT, Logic, …)

Other DAW’s are either Mac exclusive or use a different plugin format.

He did say just kidding.

Reaper, S1, Sonar are no longer 32-bit?

and then, what’s your point??? There are still horses out there why do you use the car to move?

What do you mean what’s my point? I was addressing something you said.

Hi All,

Although my OS is 64 bit, I’m still running my programs as 32 bit. Everyone who posted here running at 64 bit seems to love it, but no one really specified what they find so much better about it. Would somebody be kind enough to tell me what they prefer so much about running everything at 64 bit? (besides access to greater ram, which I already have since my OS is 64 bit)

Thanks in advance!


More stability

I dont see how the 64-bit vers is more stable than the 32-bit vers. If anything, it’s probably the other way around. I very rarely get a crash in 64-bit, but prior to using 64-bit, I never had a crash. And there is something that the 64-bit vers has that the 32-bit vers does not, which can cause some instability - the bridge.

But I do agree the RAM is the biggest thing of all.


It is more stable because you don’t hit the application RAM limit for a 32 bit process.

I wouldn’t say my 64bit is any more stable than 32bit was, still bombs out occasionally.

Sometimes I used to hit RAM limits and it’s good not to have those but they never really stopped me working.

I actually updated because most of the manufacturers I use had gone 64bit and were stopping support for 32bit, but it took me 18 months to get my 64bit DAW fully up to speed and integrated into my studio, so I didn’t rush it! Actually some of that cross-over time was due to having other projects in 32bit Cb6 which I wanted to finish in the Cb6 world…