Cubase 6's own VSTBridge. Feeling stupid but I gotta ask.

Hi all,

I’ve been reading every now and then something about like “Cubase 6’s VSTBridge works fine” and all, but for some reason I’ve got a picture that one can make, for example, Waves 7 plugin pack to work under 64-bit Cubase 6 only via JBridge - which I do have (but not installed yet).

I mean, is there a similar kind of a Bridge built-in in Cubase 6? And how do you use it (if not via Devices -> Plug-in Information menu)? Is it possible to have basically all of your 32-bit plugs work with it?

I’m interested because my projects are starting to get really sloooow when time goes on (one project opens itself for fairly over one minute, even if it doesn’t have THAT much stuff in it compared to other faster projects). One mastering project takes up to over 3 minutes to master an audio track so that the only effective plug-ins are:

Stereo Out-channel:

  • T-Racks 3.1 Linear Phase EQ
  • Waves L3-LL MultiStereo limiter
  • Waves Maserati GRP Stereo -plugin
  • UV22HR dithering plugin

…and ONLY a slight adjustment with the channel EQ on the actual audio track (to be mastered).

Nothing else. So what I’m trying to say is, that I’d like to switch on using 64-bit Cubase 6 solely, but is it even possible, since I somewhat relay on Waves’ plugins? Plus LINE6 plugins are ABSOLUTELY necessay. All the rest I have covered (I think. Like GA3, HSO 1.5).

So can you help me and lighten up this issue for me beyond this so called VSTBridge and how can I use it - or do I use it already. Don’t know even THAT :laughing: Like I said, I’m feeling stupid so be gentle, please.

Hiya Tommy,

It is a minefield, but I’ll try to pick through it without blowing either of us up…

If you’re running the 64bit version of Cubase 5 or 6 and happen to have any 32bit plugins in the folders that it looks in for such creatures, then Steinberg’s VSTBridge will automatically, and without even telling you, mediate with those plugins to make them work with the 64bit DAW. This works very well for most plugins that are roaming our planet, but as you suggest, the ones from planet Waves do not play the game, and won’t work.

But the wonderful João has developed his own independent translator, called jBridge, which does talk the lingo of the Waves plugs, and so they work with 64bit Cubase just fine! And you can even mix jBridged plugins with 32bit plugins that Steinberg’s VSTBridge is negotiating with, and with 64bit native plugs, so all is sweet (if at a little higher latency, and only if you are using a PC, as there is no Mac jBridge, unfortunately).

Hope there weren’t any loud bangs!

OK, thank you. This settles it pretty much. Fortunately I do have this jBridge purchased so I’ll reinstall it now as I did a clean install from Cubase 5 to 6 and uninstalled it then. Unnecessarily maybe. But gotta check for the newer version first, if one has emerged.

Damn Waves. I don’t understand what they are fighting against this eventually-default 64-bit environment for… Those ppl seem to think that 32-bit is here to stay. Well, the same thing prevailed long time ago when 32-bit systems started to emerge. Everybody was so like “Windows for Workgroups 3.1 is just fine!” :laughing: Soon all the bigger apps will consume so much RAM that Waves won’t have customers after a few years - but that’s whole another thing, and just maybe they’ll come around before that for all of ours joy and happiness :slight_smile:

Thanks again and gotta try that jBridge now.

Hi again, Billum! I remembered this one little thing so I already sent the following mail to João, but if he can’t answer me soon I’ll post it here too. Maybe you can help :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there, João, after a long time!

I purchased this jBridge from you last year and I’d wonder if there is a newer version already available. I have this version sent by you:

jBridgev1.27h6Setup_Rock Works Records.exe

So IF there is newer version, would you be so kind that you’d send it to me please? Or how can I acquire one?

Also I’d like to know another thing - if you know a solution to this: It concerns Waves 7 plugins pack. I managed to get them work under 64-bit Cubase 5 but it showed all the Waves’ plugins under the same folder (within Cubase, I mean). As in the 32-bit Cubase 5 and 6 it sorts (the plugs show up without jBridge, of course) the plugins under their corresponding sub-folders which I like very much.

So I’m concerned a bit how it will work under 64-bit Cubase 6… And if it does it the same way as with 64-bit Cubase 5, is there ANY WAY to organize the Waves’ plugins the same way than like it automatically does with 32-bit Cubase versions? Hope you could help, or point me a link or something.

Anyways, I’ll be waiting for your answer and possibly a newer version of jBridge. Thank you for this piece of software!!

-Tommi // Rock Works Records


I think v1.27 is the latest version of jBridge, it’s certainly the version I’m using, and João is very good at sending around new ones as he weaves them together for as long as I’ve used it.

As for the folder structure of Waves plugs, I don’t think you’re going to find it any different in Cub6 to Cub5 - just the choice of Mono or Stereo plugins, then they’re all in one long (well, broken up into sections of 32 plugins each) menu of all the Waves critters in alphabetical order. So no sub-folders, unfortunately! :cry:

(Mind you, João is clearly a very inventive chap, so maybe in v1.28…? Or maybe there’s some trickerooni that pulls it off…)

I’ve heard tell both that Waves are on the verge of releasing 64bit versions, and that they’re actually still some way off because there are just so many Waves plugs to convert that it’s taking forever (yep, we’d noticed!). So who knows - whichever it is, we’ve got work to do right away!

“Trickerooni” - that’s a good one :smiley: ! Gotta remember that.

Yep I just received the newest beta version (1.27k7) from J and will start experimenting. I’ll notify here if I manage to get them working properly, and if not… then everything will just be silent like a Finnish cold, winter night in Lapland :laughing:

hi pal…ive just came across the same “no subfolders” problem as you :frowning:

Did you manage to sort it out ?

You do not need JBridge to make waves work in 64bit. There is a program floating around called “Shell2vst” which alows you to drop waveshells onto it and create VST’s out of the shell. The Plugs are of coarse still 32bit but will function with bridge. It works very well, hit up google and you will find it as a free plug. If you can’t find send me a PM