Cubase 7.0.1 - Projects hanging on open

I know 7.0.2 should be out shortly, hopefully my issue will resolve in the next release.

I have a project that originally was started in 6.5, after having open in 7 and saving I am unable to get it to open back up in 7, it keeps hanging when trying to load Addictive Drums for some reason (maybe I’ll try exporting that track to audio and removing the AD plug from project and see what happens), anyways, I found the only way to get it open up in 7 is to first open back up in 6.5, save, then open in 7.

If anyone is having trouble getting projects to open, you might try this method.

I love 7’s workflow, much easier to navigate plugins, love the channel strip etc, it’s hard going back to 6.5, can’t wait for a stable 7!

Try turning Asio Guard off. I had a similar problem with Amplitube 3 and after turning Asio Guard off the problem went away.

Man, I wish that was it, but didn’t work for me.

I removed the instances of AD but now it just hangs on something else, this time StylusRMX… IDK, very annoying but at least I have a work-around, hopefully will be done with this particular project soon.

I feel same as you. Sometimes projects saved in C7.01 cant open again. Cubase hangs on load project in diffirent moments. :frowning:

But workaround is not good if you open and save project in C6.5, then open in C7.01 - is there still channel strip and LC HC informations ?

Some old plugins can cause problems. First it seems they work and everything is fine, but when you’re trying to open the project, it freezes. This can be tested by dragging and copying the plugins used in another track. The problem plugins cause the Cubase to crash. Of course every setup is different, and probably this is not the case in most of the time, but it’s an idea to test if nothing else works.