Cubase 7.0.2 + AKAI EIE Letancy problem


I am using Cubase 7 and my audio interface is AKAI EIE. On my win 7 ult 64 bit system, I have big latency problem.

I have three ASIO driver options.

Option 1) Generic Low latency ASIO Driver.
If I use this option, both Input and output Latency is 20 ms. Also, ASIO-guard Latency is 20 ms.

Option 2) ASIO4ALL v2
When I use this option, ınput latency is 11.995 ms. output latency is 0, and ASIO-guard Latency 13.061 ms

Option 3) ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver
This option actually is not an “option”, since input latency is 284 ms (no mistake. 2 & 4 & 8), when output latency is 46.440 ms and ASIO-guard Latency is 92.880 ms.

As you can see, none of the above figures is saticfactory.

Can you please give me some advices to solve the problem?

Did the hardware come with an installation disk with it’s own drivers? I looked on the AKAI website and saw that it offers ASIO4ALL as a download but I would be surprised for them to use a generic driver like ASIO4ALL and call it a professional product. It might help to contact AKAI support and see if they have a specific ASIO driver for the product OR if they can help with some settings in ASIO4ALL.

By the way… Did you open the ASIO4ALL control panel and try adjusting the buffer size to reduce the latency?