Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 announcement

I’m 100% sure it won’t fix the graphics problem for me. Meanwhile the Ableton 9 Beta works like a charm! :slight_smile:

Halo guys, my tempo track have the tempo line in grey like tempo track background, mostly of the times is invisble and hard to identify, have you the same pronblems? I use the tempo track so hard becuase the orchestra click. thanks :smiley: Im on Cubase 7.01

the same here

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TO Helge Vogt:
Many users complained the variaudio issue, but we don’t see the fix. No fixes for Variaudio in 7.0.2?

Because of variaudio issues I still use cubase 6.5.

done now…thanks

Helge actually acknowledged it finally!!! :slight_smile:


Look again. It’s there (don’t be lazy :slight_smile: )

In the linked thread.

I am very disapointed too that this problem is not solved in 7.0.2… How could I have a version 6.5 to work with, waiting that this problem is fixed?

+1 :frowning: :frowning:

+1 for the mackie problem

+1 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I agree with a previous poster about computers filling up with software that is detrimental to performance and stability.

I have a rule these days that, save for internet browsing, only music related software is installed on the machine. No Email, games, virus checkers etc., Also if you demo a plugin or other software, then remember to remove it if you don’t buy it (also remembering to remove it from any project before you uninstall it).

In this way, I minimise the risk of unused software (or drivers) interfering with the stability of my set up. Then when I get a situation where I encounter problems, I can work out pretty easily what the issue is (“what’s the last thing I changed”)

My own experience with Cubase 6.5 & 7 is that it has become increasingly able to withstand rogue plugins and will give you the option to save your project if problems occur. I don’t think I have lost any work yet.

Something I look out for, particularly as I use EastWest software a lot is that it does not play nice with a variety of other plugins. I am particularly careful to note when mixtures of plugins within Cubase cause issues and try to separate them. To do this I use Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 and put the “naughty” plugs in that. I get real stability and can really load up the samples when I want to.

Hope this helps people.


Plus, I have more issues whith Mackie: for example, when I pan a virtual instrument like RealGuitar with the Mackie, the instrument detune… Looks like the use of Mackie control is generaly bugged…

Sorry to add yet another question, but has anything been done to improve the sharpness of the fonts on Mac? They are so blurry compared with previous versions.


are you on 7.01 steve? they were fixed significantly in 01 for windows

Yes I’m 7.01. No change here. Even the Cubase icon is screwed! Has blurry shadows and weird artifacts compared with 6.x. Not a big, I know, but seriously, how does something like this get through the net!

Hey Steve, same here re blurryness. I run Mac and PC, Cubase and Nuendo but to be honest I’ve gone back to 6.5 on Cubase and will probs stay there for the foreseeable future. Too many bugs. A little saddened at how a pro tool gets such poor QA!