Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 Update available

What seems like a major bug found:

I cannot edit my insert fx from the Channel Settings area.
Before the update I was able to double click on the insert slot and the effect GUI would open up.
Now the insert slot turns black and shows you the insert level amount.

I can’t imagine this being a new feature because it completely throws off workflow, I now have to go up to my FX channels to edit an effect.

Update: I am able to right click on the send and click ‘edit effect’ to open the effect GUI instead of having to open it from the FX channel…

Intel quad core i7
Windows 7
UAD Apollo

How does one revert back to the previous version?
The ‘installed updates’ screen in Windows 7 shows the 7.0.2 update but the button allowing you to uninstall does not appear like it does on most other updates.

I’m finally back to 6.5.3, still bugs but better then other versions, I can work now, so much much better than 7.something. I’ve payed for the update to 7 from 6.5, man! 149Euro are a lot of money for everyone, Logic Pro works great and cost 179Euro full licence not upgrade licence. I’m waiting the next Logic Update to change DAW, C7 still in the alfha/Beta version, I will not ask to be refunded becuase i’m trustin in steinberg, but…for the last time. This is my last time I will pay some upgrade without benefit. I’ve already sold my Nuendo licence because under OSX mac users dont want stay there at that price, Steinberg got my money 2 months ago, and under osx it’s terrible, also yestrday i’ve imported a song from 7 to 6.5 all mess. Users need respect.

Maybe someone here is happy to waste time to understand what does not work (beta testing), what its working, why some features are disappeared etc etc. I dont know how many users under osx, but Steinberg will lost all soon for sure. You want money, I want stable perfect products, some people here says other softwares have bugs too, yes but some others not. Prophellereads always give us super stable software, Logic Pro it’s stable and more stable every update, Protools 10 it’s stable (i’ve brought academic licence to test as well). I mean stable with other 3rd parts plugs, with external FX, with other audio card.

Jurij , I feel your pain, but would you be so kind as to stop whining. With all my respect to you, it’s getting annoying. You give no new info about bugs or oversights… of C7, but just cry about 149Euro. You say that you’re trusting in SB at the same time, it’s good to hear so give them a little more time to justify your trust. I don’t think that the speed of their work depends on the number of such useless (sorry) posts.

P.S. When I see an artist (not the hardest and the most dangerous profession), that produces multi-platinum albums etc., is crying for 149 coins, I start to hate the Humanity.

P.P.S. Sorry for off top.

I had to uninstall and re-install.

C7.0.2 is now working happily on my system, even ASIO under DirectX is not producing any pops or clicks, unlike SX3 which is great if some other program decides to take over my audio outputs which happens from time to time!

It’s been discussed here,page 2

P.S. When I see an artist (not the hardest and the most dangerous profession), that produces multi-platinum albums etc., is crying for 149 coins, I start to hate the Humanity.

P.P.S. Sorry for off top.[/quote]

You dont understand the point, It’s not about 149E, because i’ve payed without problem, just try to understand the way of thinking of Steinberg after yamaha introduction, they sell buggy stuff since 2 years, without say sorry, never. This is the point. Im sorry to boring you, or the other users. You think because I sold albums I’ve to shut up? mmmmm intersting point of view. I think everybody have to say some and scream about it.
I hope they will be tired like you to read my comments and start to work seriously and speed up, I really hope that.
Move move move… :smiley:


I will stop my comments dont worry, so I will not report bugs anymore, I’m not a beta tester. Good luck with Cubase 7. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Since instaling the update
the mixer will no longer show knobs on the eq ,pre and chan strip ???
can anyone help ???

better stay with 7.0.1

i had some issues from passing from 7.0.1 to drived me crazy all night,things like bad calour settings,no more knoobs in the mixer & some other issues.
So i went on the download center of steinberg ,and i downloaded the install core data for cubase 7.
i installed it on top of the cubase update 7.0.2.
And by magic,everything seems to be working perfectly.
i hope it helps some of you out there. :wink:

Jurij I have been reading your post on this forum and I’m sorry but are you for real. It appears you have been very unhappy with Steinberg since the union with Yamaha (not sure but i believe 4 years now). Why are you still spending money with this company, if I was feeling so let down for so long I would be out of there.

For my part I opened my new studio business just under four years ago and put my trust in both the Steinberg hardware and software and have never once felt let down. I have been very impressed with the quality achievable for the money spent. I have just upgraded to Cubase 7 but of course keeping an earlier working version. Yes there are a couple of small issues one of which I mentioned on the F/book page to which I received an apology and reassurance the following day. I’ve been recording for over 30 years now on nearly every format going including overpriced protools systems. On the Yam/Cubase system I own I have engineered more than a hundred albums (No platinum) without any problems. Even on Cubase 7.

My point is I think that you just need to find things to complain about. You don’t even state what it is that is wrong with the software. If you did maybe some of the kind people on this site would help you. I think if I was Steinberg I would be glad if you switched to Logic, Reason or Protools. And No you are not a beta tester as you have not said one thing that would be helpful in improving the software.

Are you sure you’re on 7.02 now?

Just to let you know, I too feel let down. I have run a profesional studio for over 30 years and have used Cubase since the Atari days. I love and still use Cubase 6.53 but, for me, Cubase 7 is still not usable (call me a whiner but I’ve contributed to loads of Cubase 7 bug reports and, I’m sorry, I’m disappointed).

I am getting an error code 1603 after the unzip process just before it SEEMS to finish the update. I am using 7.0.0 currently. ANy ideas ?

Updated to 0.2 since two days with no issues in my both systems.

Me too, since maintenance update availability, and cruising fine.

Thank you, Steinberg HQ! :smiley:


Thx for the great upgrade (7.0.2)! I wan’t to start by saying that I love Cubase 7!! However I’ve got a couple of bugs to mention … they’re not major, but it would be nice to get them fixed.
1st I think this was probably mentioned by someone else but in the Mixconsole, if some channels are in the right zone, the last one will be hidden by the control room/meter panel depeding on the zoom of the mixer … also it’s now impossible to make the control room/meter panel really small neither the zone/visibility panel :frowning:
2nd The auto color on new tracks doesn’t work :frowning:
3rd if you have the time diplayed in your top bar of the project window (where the tools are), if you press play in your project and then right click on the time display, the music will keep playing but the cursor will freeze and if the user click again anywere, the project will go back to where the cursor froze.
4rth There’s still no keycomand for the search track in the mixconsole
and last, please make the MCU to hide what’s hidden in the mixconsole! :smiley:


apart for the zillion of mixer bugs c7 is surprisingly rock solid so roll on 7.3 and lets see if it’s third time lucky :wink:

Hey man, I want to walk you through my process, as i must be misunderstanding something:
Restarted my pc
Started the 7.0.2 installation

  • an extraction window pops up and extracts the installation file
    -it asks me if i approve the program “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer
    I clicked yes
    An installer window appears and states “this program will instal SB C7.0.2 update on your computer”
    I clicked next
    -asks what to install ( i chose 7.0.2 update 64-bit only for now)
    -clicked next
    It show what its about to install
    -clicked install
    Elicenser installer starts
    Click next
    Accept Terms of EULA
    Click next
    Starts installation
    End installation by clicking finish
    Installation begins - and again
    ERROR CODE 1603

Can you tell me what i should do?